Tuesday, December 14, 2010

They sent Grandpa to rehab, and he did not say no, no, no.

We received a call from Grandpa around 7:00 this evening. He was discharged from the hospital and moved to their rehab facility. Looks like the Vet social worker was right about Oahu not being a certainty. Just as well as their plan was to place him in a commercial flight after a month of immobility and surgery. Grandpa sounded the best he has so far, but kept the conversation very short, just wanted us to know where he was. The man is not a phone chatter, but at least he is easier to reach on his cell. He stated that he is expected to be in physical therapy for a month and then return home. Happy dance, relief and all that jazz.

Interestingly SS has been talking about the beach during bath time. She is finding the tub too confining for swimming, and asked when are we going to the water park. Sorry sweetie, closed until next summer. Then she made a simple statement, "Mama, I miss the beach." Not a big deal if we lived in Florida or Southern California. All we have to do is get SS in a wet suit, neoprene booties, and toss her in the water. The thing with SS is that her only experiences with a beach have been in Puerto Rico and Maui. I asked her why she missed the beach and she responded that she misses swimming (DUH K!). When I asked her what she remembers about the beach she stated she "miss(es) JJ and Grandpa." While she obviously misses being in her natural aqueous habitat, she also misses her brother and grandpa very much. It made me sad that we could not accommodate her request to enjoy some sand and surf.

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