Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art show and overwhelming heat.

We are all working to adjust to P's new work schedule. Assuming a M-F work week, I researched activities for SS. I found a Thursday and Friday that seemed perfect, from 11-Noon.  Then we got the monkey wrench, and those were no longer an option. P is making time to come home when he only has a thirty minute lunch. He wants SS to have opportunities to socialize, but there is no way I can take that time away from them. Through good and bad circumstances, I have had the privilege to spend time with SS. The least I can do is to make sure they have time together.

I read about an art show and children's craft fair today, and it was located practically across the street from P's work. It worked very well for us, SS got her craft on, then we had lunch with Baba.  The longest line at the craft area was for (temporary) hair coloring. I thought it was really cool, and asked SS what color(s) she wanted. SS surprised me by saying no. HUH? What. The. Heck. This is not the first time I have encountered this resistance. What is it with my quirky kids and hair coloring? I had to convince JJ to have his hair temporarily colored orange, and it was (still is) his freaking favorite color! Today SS went all conservative on me, and would not budge;  not even when I suggested Green L@nter green. Seriously, your mother is giving you the OK to go temporarily crazy, take it. 

After lunch with Baba we went shopping, and the 95 degree heat took a toll on SS. I did not understand why, since she has experienced up to 117 degrees at our former home. But as P noted, it's been a few months, and SS just needs to acclimate to summer weather. My super trooper girl was awesome and we completed our errands.

When we arrived home SS managed to crack me up. When I opened the van door SS cheerfully said "I know the drill Missy." In our effort to treat SS as the five year old she is, we are working on not placing her on her carseat. She is old/strong enough to seat herself, we are tying to not to help, and only buckle her safely. I must have been saying you know the drill more often than I thought, because she has it down.

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