Thursday, April 05, 2012

First injury as a Southern Californian.

SS took a spill on the asphalt outside, and it was high drama for almost forty-five minutes. I initially thought she was crying over having to leave her new friends (more on the funny ramifications later), but as they got closer I realized SS was hysterical. We were afraid she was going to slip into that bad place neither one of us wants to revisit. The biggest concern, SS would not seek my comfort and would not allow me to hold her. Never happened before. I began to really worry when SS started vigorously sucking her fingers. Don't remember when she did that last. SS is cuddling next to me as I post, ninety minutes after. I have never been so thankful for the difficulty of writing an email on my phone, while holding my daughter.

We were able to ascertain that SS's lung capacity is extraordinary. Also, she did not inherit her Mama's stoicism. We are aware that it was a meltdown long time coming. SS was in pain, but it was also about the move, about parting with JJ, about missing her school/friends, about seeing her Baba on the ground in pain, then watching him on a gurney. Come to think of it, we'd be crying too. P came to the rescue, making a quick dash to buy C@rs band aids. Some milestones really suck.

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