Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bunny picture!

We are really taking seriously our pledge to do nothing today, bums that we are. P found SS's sprinkler flower, and before I knew it SS was running around the backyard buck naked. At least the fence is high, and she was just enjoying her au naturale freedom. SS gets that from her Baba. :) I did manage to work on SS's enrollment packet, something that I was avoiding, because I did not want to fill out the emergency notification form. Knowing that JJ is over seven hundred miles away really messed with my mind. He is still on the card, but now he is her number two contact, with Michelle taking on the role of the designated person to pick up SS from school in case of an emergency. However, since P works so close to home and I will be here, we are hoping that phone call is never made. Then again after the ER scare nothing is certain.

P is enjoying three days off before starting work without training or orientations. He knew his schedule was going to be quite the change, but they were vague about the exact schedule. P knew he would be working nine hour days, with thirty minutes for lunch. Then twice a month he would work an eight hour day and have a three day weekend. On his first day he was informed that he would be working Tuesday through Saturday. Then his long weekends would consist of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Not too bad, since it gives us the opportunity to run errands together, and getting out and about.

P received a thick binder with employment information on his first day of work. I was impressed, because although I worked for the county (hundreds of employees), I never received such detailed information. One of the first things that caught P's eye was the discounts available for local attractions. It's funny because as P was telling about it we encountered a little problem we did not have before. There was a commercial for Leg0l@nd, and we thought SS was going to have a stroke and pass out from sheer delight. We somehow always envisioned D*sneyland as her first Southern California attraction, but SS has other plans. Then they showed a St@r W@rs attraction, that was it, she was in tears, happy tears. I think Leg0l@nd is going to be her introduction to amusement parks. SS's reaction reminded me of JJ when we drove by M@gic M0untain, he was about to jump out of the truck's window. He was so excited that he could not get his 3D video out in time to film it. P intends to lure him with season passes. Then there's the Halloween Hunt in October, and JJ reassured us he'll be here to go with us. Wow, we sure have a serious case of arrested development. Oh well...

P and I were discussing that it's so neat we will get to see many of our Northern California friends. Aunt D's future in laws live in San Diego, and she (and fiance B) are visiting in July. We will be able to get together at least for dinner or an overnight visit. T and E and their three kids will be in the LA area in June to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They will stop by on their way to Arizona. P's former coworker M has an aunt that lives half an hour from us. He is also planning to visit in the near future. Then one of SS's teachers will be here this summer, and asked if she could call to schedule a get together. Grandpa is planning a July or August short visit. Then of course we must get a JJ fix. Darn, we should have moved earlier.

I finally got the printer/scanner out of the box, and the time I spent setting it up for use with the netbook paid off. I REALLY wanted to get the Easter Bunny picture before we left, but at a point you just give up, and that is what the coward in me did. Hard copy pics will be mailed sometime before SS enters middle school. Abuela, sorry about the Yok0 Ono hair, I should have done a better job, but we still think she looks stinking adorable.




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