Saturday, April 14, 2012

SS meets Aunt Michelle

SS woke up bright eyed, bushy tailed, and super excited because we would meet Aunt Michelle for lunch. I did promise that we would get together, and I like to keep my promises. I also thought it would be a good idea for SS to meet her emergency contact under stress free circumstances. It remains to be seen if after spending time with SS, Michelle still wants to be her emergency contact. Although we only live one hour from each other, the drive seemed longer. SS engaged in her version of are we there yet. She would point at houses, apartments and asked if that is where Michelle lived. SS pointed at buildings and asked if that is where Michelle worked. She pointed at malls and asked if that is where we would meet. She pointed at random cars and wanted to know if it was Michelle's car. When we stopped to pay our first toll, SS asked if Michelle was inside the booth. Dear God, our daughter can be exhausting at times. P is going to have to start carrying cash around or buy a fast pass. By the time we arrived at our last toll, I was out of cash. Good thing that I hoard quarters in my backpack.

SS and I had our first taste of Ch*ck-fil-A and liked it. It's so good to be back in civilization. The mall was a bit overwhelming, but we managed. Although this was our first face to face meeting, we have communicated for years. It was more of catching up with an old friend. We chatted, we went to C0stco, and a good time was had by all. Michelle gave me a great idea for our downstairs half bathroom. Half bathroom is not the correct description, that thing is more like a 1/8 bathroom. We must not have scared her that much, because she and Uncle Joe will be visiting us soon. We are also getting together in a couple of weeks for a picnic, and hopefully do something we have wanted to do for a while. Whenever Michelle posted about it in her blog, P and I really rued where we lived. We are hoping to join in the fun.

On the drive home I was reacquainted with something I had completely forgotten, California road rage. I was on a lane that was ending, and as I was about to merge, some world class jerk almost ran me off the road. Had that happened, we would have slid down a nice little cliff. SS was hysterical, it took me a while to calm her down. Between sobs she said "Mama we almost fell, the hill was close to my window." Well, she was closer than I, so she had a better view. The jerk had to be going over ninety, and I so wished I had been driving the moving truck to return the favor. He was driving a pick up truck with a business logo, but I only got a glance, and forget about getting a license plate number. I was royally teed off, but had to hold it together for SS. By the time I calmed down my baby, we were merging into an area where I have driven hundreds of times. There are a lot of lanes, but I have never had a problem there. That is when the enormity of what could have happened hit me. The fact that some nameless, faceless son of a b*tch could have hurt SS just overwhelmed me. I am still not sure how I managed to remain in control of the van, SS's great-grandparents were certainly looking after us. That led to a nasty panic attack, with a flood of tears threatening to fall. I called P, but did not mention what had happened, it helped calmed down both of us. I only hope that karma gets that a-hole, and that it gets him good. I know that is not very Christian of me, but I am Evil Incarnate and The Forces from Hell. I do unleash it when my kids are threatened in any way.

Other than that incident, we had a great day. Apparently meeting people increases SS's appetite. She had a bowl of spaghetti with sausage, moved on to eat more of her lunch leftovers, had a bunch of taquitos, and inhaled several sticks of go-gurt. P felt her tummy and it was quite impressive. OMG, we just heard some ruffling in the kitchen, SS is munching on Apple J@cks.We are pooped, and I can't wait to hit the sack, and enjoy the next three days with P at home. Michelle, thank you so much for meeting with us.

Let's hit the road.

I love the dollar store, the game in her hand, and two 50 piece puzzles (bundled together) were enough to keep SS busy. All for the price of $2.

Michelle came bearing gifts, while I forgot to give her the sour candy I brought for her.

SS made this and gave it to Michelle, along with her autograph. The funny thing is that SS has never drawn anything recognizable before.

Michelle gave me this beautiful angel that her father made.

We were wondering what exactly made the play structure handicapped/wheelchair accessible.

SS was delighted with her candy bracelet (and all the other gifts), something she had never had before. SS recalled that Michelle made her a personalized bracelet. The candy was gone by the time we arrived home.

Michelle could really pass as P's sister, it has to be the blue eyes.

SS took this picture and once again did a decent job. She later asked to take another one, and we obliged. Just before snapping the picture SS said "Say boob." OMG, that was certainly a new one. But apparently children raised by me are on the odder side of the scale. I better find a job soon, so I can blame my parenting short comings on someone else.

Last picture before heading home.

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Michelle said...

It was so fun! Although I swear I felt like we had met before. We have been online friends for 6 years!! Can you believe it took us that long to meet? I can't wait to come and see your new place and have carnitas. Yum. I'll be posting soon but it will look the same because they are all your pictures. :) thank you so much for making the drive. Our meeting was everything I knew it would be plus more. Give S a kiss from me!