Saturday, April 14, 2012

On our way.


Brendakit said...

What great pictures! And SS looks so grown up. No longer a baby for sure. Glad you guys could meet up. If I didn't have a full plate, I'd drive south and we could meet up. But never say never!

2china4S said...

Hi Brenda :)

It was so good to catch up with someone I have "known" for six years. One thing we admire about Michelle is her incredible generosity and support. Even though we were supposed to be in China at the same time, she has not been bitter. We know very well what that wait can do to an individual, to a marriage. She has risen above what is such a normal, knee jerk reaction. We have never seen someone be so generous, considerate, helpful, and gracious.

I know your plate is very full, but we are here for a long time. Someone I trust told me about a cafe in Malibu that it's worth checking out. I think the three of us will be happy to find our way to that cafe whenever you have the time.

You are right, SS is a full fledged girl, no baby left behind. We are grateful for the baby time we were granted.