Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun, fun, fun.

Back to the rest of SS's reward for getting all those shots, plus enrolling in kindergarten. Her first ride was the kiddie carousel, first time solo, and luckily the slowest carousel we have ever encountered.

We moved on to the tea cups, with P insisting we all ride. This was my first time in a tea cup ride, hard to believe after all those trips to D*sneyland. The ride just never appealed to me, but guess that will change next time. SS insisted on "I do it myself," and had a blast. We think she will be able to handle kiddie rides at the real amusement parks.

Had to use this one again, just because she is so darn cute, and brave.

SS really enjoyed "driving the train."

Lazer Tag was by far SS's favorite, she can't stop talking about it. She is already planning her next visit.

SS did plenty of shooting with Baba.

Loved how SS rides a bike, check out the video below, she'd be dangerous on the road, with all that swerving.

After the video games SS played mini golf for the first time. P had a bit of difficulty helping SS with her grip, since he is right handed, and SS is left handed. But they made it work, and SS was excited about being a big girl.

Resting before the next hole. By the 15 hole we were all a bit tired, but SS plowed through and completed the 18 holes.

If you look behind SS you will see a water slide. The water play structure opens next month, SS was very disappointed.

Not a good idea to encourage climbing on the scenery, but the miniature structures were just SS's size.


Michelle said...

Where is this? It looks fun. We should go!

2china4S said...

We are going. When I told SS you had never played LT she appointed herself as your mentor. :)