Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A long, productive, and painful day.

On Monday morning we awoke on our own power. P's internal clock had him out of bed early, I followed shortly. We had coffee, and planned our day while waiting for SS to wake up on her own terms. We started out with lunch, before setting out to get SS's immunizations. SS had her first California roll, and she liked it, had three, which is a good amount of food for someone with such a small stomach. While the sushi was good, the service was terrible. When asked what we wanted to drink P said we would all have water. The waitress brought only two glasses, SS protested immediately, and the waitress seemed to be surprised. Hello! She might be small, but she eats and drinks. If SS was not as hungry as she was, we would have walked out. We are definitely adding a Yelp review. But the good thing about living here is that there so many other places to try.

After SS had a full tummy it was time to suck it up and get her immunizations. Since we do not have a physician yet, we had to rely on Public Health. After the fiasco of dealing with PH in our former area, we were understandably worried. They would not provide the vaccinations she needed, they wanted to repeat ALL the ones she had prior to coming home. No way we were going to subject SS to unnecessary pain, because of their xenophobia.Our local PH office was out of the CP vaccine, but the receptionist gave us several other options, and suggested we call to make sure they had what we needed. The receptionist was very nice and helpful.

While we were waiting for SS to be called, she found two new friends in the waiting area. I turned around to do something, and when I looked back SS was playing with a Samoan boy and an Indian boy. SS had a game and she shared it with the boys. They looked so cute together, not aware of their differences, or of how beautiful they looked together. Eventually it was SS and the Samoan boy, who was SS's height, far outweigh her, and was only three years old. He had a Toy Story backpack, and that got SS's attention. His parents were surprised at SS's devotion for TS and super heroes in general.

SS needed several immunizations and we were given the option of doing it over two appointments. We decided to get them at once, because there is no way SS would ever set foot in there again. I held SS, and when she began to wail it just broke my heart. I'm sure it hurt, but SS's cries are much more plaintive since we moved. When it was over (including a TB test) I held my baby as close as possible, and I cried as well. But this is it for her until 2018. P offered SS her choice of a Leg0 toy, and off to T@rget we went. I wondered how much it was going to set us back, because some of the sets are expensive. SS zoned in on one I had not seen before, it's called Hero Factory. The parts are not regular Leg0 parts, but SS did not care. To her it looked like Bumble Bee from the Transformers, and that was good enough for her. We told SS that she would feel much better after a bath. She picked a T0y St0ry bubble bath. Obviously P was still traumatized, and threw in an Icee and popcorn. Despite the crying, SS was a real trooper, she is a very brave little girl.

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