Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A day of firsts.

SS had a day with many firsts. After enrolling SS in school we ran some errands, then rewarded SS with some well deserved fun. SS has been very slow to warm up to rides, and since P is about to order her first season pass, it was a good idea to determine if SS was ready for rides. SS did very well, and I will be posting about the many other things she did later. There were two firsts that really surprised us. SS really wanted to ride a go kart, and since she was only 1/4 inch below the minimum height for the kiddie go karts, we allowed her. SS had never been in a go kart before, and when she drives her ATV, she is not exactly a good driver.

SS looked so cute in the baby go kart, and of course she chose the green one (Green L@ntern), and it's a good thing she was the only one on the track. She did not drive for long, probably because she was expecting to drive faster, but is not there yet in terms of controlling the vehicle. P felt bad for her, so we moved on to the adult karts, and SS sat next to me. I am a bit of a speed demon, and just tore out at full speed. When I made the first sharp turn it dawned on me that it could be too much for SS. Great, more trauma for my baby. SS let out a loud "OH YEAH!!!!!" She had a blast, using her non operational (she had no clue) steering wheel, went into Lightning McQueen mode, and was very proud of "beating Baba."

Next we tried Lazer Tag, and I was very doubtful that SS would be able to handle the noise, the darkness, and the equipment. There are no child sized vests/guns, SS had to be able to carry more weight than I thought she could handle. But the allure of shooting a lazer gun turned out to be a great motivator. I really didn't think she could pull it off, and she left me stunned, and incredibly proud of her tenacity. SS and I played against Baba, and got our butts kicked. I was paying more attention to SS, looking for any signs that we would have to call it quits. By the end of the game P and I had worked out quite a sweat, and I was very glad to take the vest off. SS was as fresh as when the game began, was elated because she thought she won, and had the most amazing look and smile on her face. Once again we were lucky, because we were the only ones playing. We did not have to worry about others intimidating SS. Our baby is growing up so fast, and we look forward to many more firsts.

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