Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big girl bed, oh yeah.

SS's long awaited bed arrived this morning, and we still had a mattress to purchase, and a story book. What the heck, we've been bleeding money for the past two months. This is going to be our last big purchase for a while. SS loves her bed, and she better, because she's not getting another one until she goes to college.

We are glad P sprung for delivery and assembly, because it took two guys an hour to get that thing set up. Not only did it involve heavy lifting, but when I saw the staple gun I knew we made the right choice. Poor SS was about to have a stroke,waiting for her bed to be assembled. She proudly showed her Baba at lunch, then the real waiting began, we had to get that mattress. SS was higher than a kite and would not shut up about her need for a mattress. At a point she cracked me up when she spent a good ten minutes mumbling about her need for said mattress, and Baba's insolence at being so slow.

And since SS has 6 good sized drawers, we are leaving her dresser in the garage for now. SS had specific instructions as to how to dispose of "her baby crib.". We'll see what we can do, and thankfully does not involve a bon fire. SS just wants it out of her sight.

The picture is terrible, but is the best I could do with poor lighting and the iPad. SS lobbied long and hard for big girl status. As much as. We love her, we needed her out of our bed, then our room. We are too old to be getting kicked and punched every night.

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