Friday, June 29, 2012

A very brief getaway.

We skipped practice last Sunday to get away for two nights, as a belated wedding anniversary present. While in urgent care I really wanted to cancel, but by the time SS fell asleep I realized that four stitches were not going to prevent her from having fun. P initially wanted to stay at Harrah's, then I asked him what exactly were we supposed to do with SS. I doubted that if we gave her a cigarette and a Long Island Iced Tea, the staff would buy she was the shortest 21 year old in the world. I found Kid Kastle at the Riverside Resort and Casino, a so so hotel, but it had entertainment for SS. The plan was to drop her off for two hours Saturday night, then if it went well, we would go out to dinner Sunday night, and would leave her a while longer. Taking in consideration what I just posted about my trust issues with others caring for SS, I knew it was going to be difficult. I spent the drive to Laughlin stressing out about SS not liking it, and P's reaction if I backed out of our plan.

I should not have wasted time worrying, because SS didn't hesitate to leave us once she learned that they had a N*ntendo station with eight consoles (with non violent games). They also have an indoor play land, a bounce house, a movie theater, a snack area and arcade games. The staff to child ratio is greater than required (the facility is state licensed), and they even have a nursery, since they accept children 3 months to 12 years old. I can't imagine leaving an infant in such a hectic place, but live and let live. SS took off once we were done with her registration, and never looked back. We left her wondering how long before we would receive a call that SS was done, but it did not happen. Oh, the price was very reasonable, $7 an hour. You can't get a sitter locally for that price. P found a coupon for a free hour, so we did very well.

We threw caution to the wind, and hit the slots, big time, at the penny machines. I still have some serious hang ups from being raised by a devout SDA. As luck has it, so was Michelle, and she has helped me see that there's nothing wrong with breaking those strict rules, just in moderation. I had tried before, but the guilt is overwhelming. It was nice to shake the kid for a while, and have an uninterrupted conversation. We felt like adults, something we have not felt in a while.

We had planned to check out the other hotels, but the heat had sucked the energy out of us, and we picked up a very happy SS, and headed to our room. P drove all the way, and I expected him to follow SS to dreamland. He really surprised me, because we ended up talking until early the next morning.

SS proudly showing off the first treat she received at urgent care the previous evening.

Thoroughly enjoying her Mama's Mother's Day present.

SS is very ticklish, she began whimpering when P said he needed to clean her wound. She could not care less that it was a harmless saline solution. Then once she felt it she could not stop laughing, and asked for more. Silly goose.

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