Friday, June 15, 2012

Reality check.

Our tiny five year old is on her way to the real world of kindergarten. Wow, I had no idea it would be this difficult. Then again, I have had that little bugger attached to my hip for four years next month. As happy as I am with P's working conditions, satisfaction with his job, and salary increase, this is part of why this transition has been so difficult for me. Add to that the distance from JJ, and it feels like I'm losing my kids at once. That probably explains why at times I feel miserable. It's like everyone is moving on, and I'm still in the same place I was four years ago. There are also many changes I desperately need to make, so far without success. I wish I could talk to Mami, I know she would help me sort things out. It really sucks to lose your parents before adulthood.

On a positive note, SS has spent two nights in her room. She's been up much earlier than usual, and just hops in bed with me for a cuddle, then goes back to sleep. We can live with that. Last night, as we were basking in the comfort of not sharing a bed with a hyper SS, P asked me if I thought it would last long. It will, if we grow a spine and make it happen. The novelty of the new bed will wear off, but we kept our part by getting her her dream bed, SS needs to understand that our room is that, ours. I do foresee kicking and screaming, and sleepless nights. Such is life with kids.

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