Thursday, June 28, 2012

SS's excellent urgent care adventure.

It breaks my heart to see how scared SS was last Saturday, nothing but her Mama would do. 

This awful contraption called a papoose made its second appearance in my life.  When JJ was three years old, he fell off a swing while with a baby sitter, and ended up with four stitches on his lip. Yes, four, funny huh? We told SS she can stop emulating her brother, we do not want an ICU repeat.  Back to JJ... the babysitter did not call me at work, I found out hours later when I picked him up.  I was furious, seriously, what the hell was she thinking? That I would not find out if she didn't call? As soon as I saw the wound I realized he needed stitches and drove to urgent care. JJ was very upset, mainly because he was told that I knew about his injury, and he was very upset that I allegedly chose to leave him waiting. I was reminiscing about this on the way to urgent care with SS, and P asked me if that incident is why I have serious issues with leaving my kids with anyone. That's it, he hit the nail in the head, it takes a lot for e to trust anyone with y children.

Back in time... Unlike the staff at this urgent care, the ones where I took J were not patient. When it was his turn they immediately made the decision to place him in the papoose. I halfheartedly pretended to help, and oops, JJ got a few kicks on the nurse and doctor, while I laughed inside. At three JJ was very strong and put a heck of a fight. I do not know if JJ even remembers the incident, and if he does he has never mentioned it to me. But SS comes from a very different place emotionally than her brother. Time in that contraption would have set us back a lot with SS.  Sad, but true, we still struggle with attachment and its consequences.

P and I had blood on our shirts, yet SS did not have even a speck on her clothing.  How did that happen?

After all the drama, tears, and screaming, SS made a miraculous recovery when the PA said she could choose a toy from the treasure box.  The nurse had already given SS a paddle/ball toy, but SS wanted to choose her own. She found a mini monster truck, and the pain on her chin was forgotten.

One avocado later SS was all smiles. When SS talked to Nana she mentioned the treasure box. Nana told her that she also has a treasure box, and SS immediately asked if she could see it. That's when we knew that SS was going to be OK.

She did not protest when we put her in bed. I was afraid that the emotional evening would make SS want to cuddle between us, and then we would be back to square one.  So sweet how she fell asleep cradling her injured chin with her tiny hand.

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