Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pancake, scrambled eggs, bacon, and four stitches.

Just minutes before Michelle and Joe arrived for dinner, SS fell on our tile floor and split her chin. We are officially the worst hosts ever, we told them were the essentials were located, then headed to urgent care. SS was hysterical, and we were concerned about having her restrained (more on that later).

P sent JJ a text message and seconds later big brother was on the phone with SS. That lifted her spirits, her JJ is tops with SS. The nurse and PA were wonderful and patient, even though we arrived half an hour before they closed. They were so nice that I did not bite their heads off when both asked me if I was SS's mother. My normal retort would be "No, I cruise around and pick up random kids who need urgent care medical aid you freaking moron. Why do you think she is clinging to me for dear life and calling me Mama."

SS was a champ, the PA agreed to inject the anesthetic while she was on my lap, while P held her head. We expressed our concern about restraining SS, and the PA listened. SS was her amazing little self, was a champ through all four stitches. When she was done she headed to the treasure box, and picked a cool car as her prize.

Although we are terrible hosts, it was good to come home to Aunt Michelle and Uncle Joe, who loved on SS. Joe scored major points by sharing his iPod Nano with SS. That cute interaction is going to cost us a lot of money. SS also talked to Nana and got more loving. Talk about milking four stitches. Now we are afraid SS will intentionally do face plants for the attention. A big thank you to all of you who loved on our injured baby.

I'm typing this post as we are on a five hour drive to a mini getaway. We told SS that she would have two days of pool and river fun, then start swimming lessons on Tuesday. No water immersion for one week. It's going to be difficult but a must. This is why parenthood is not for wimps. We are still going to keep our promise to get SS on a seadoo. We have waterproof Band Aids to place underneath the adhesive pad. Only P and I will be jumping in the water to switch positions, so SS should be nice and dry.

Our desktop is refusing to accept pictures, understandable since it is about five years old. Our electronic devices suck, so for now we will be posting from our phones. We will be shopping for a CPU upon our return.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry that it happened but I'm glad we could be there. Dinner was delicious! We have just finished the leftovers for dinner. Yum! Have a great trip!

2china4S said...

We are so glad you were able to enjoy them. P insists on a do over of carnitas dinner. Since a bottle of Patron was mentioned, you are going to have to spend the night in JJ's room. Sorry Michelle, we don't think SS will let you have her bed. :)