Saturday, June 09, 2012

Summer and Halloween.

Today our city held sign ups for summer swimming lessons. We decided that it was time for SS to receive instruction from someone other than her Baba, and in a structured setting. She really needs to be in a setting where it's not all about her. They are offering four, two week sessions. The cost blew us away, and we decided to sign up SS for all four sessions. Sign up times were from 9:00 am to 1:00 p.m. I had planned on being there at nine, since we had a lot of shopping to do. But I did not have the heart to wake up SS, and when we arrived at 10:00 I was not worried. I should have been, because in that hour session one for SS's group was filled. There were about thirty parents ahead of us, most with multiple children.

Oh well, I guess three sessions it is. SS is very comfortable in water, knows to kick, and has taken a few dives, much to my consternation. We are comfortable that six weeks is going to help SS a lot, and she will make the most of it. SS will attend evening sessions, Monday through Thursday, that way P can watch his little fish thrive. With our Sundays fully occupied with dragon boat practice and gallivanting, we are only going to have Friday evenings to chill. This is going to be interesting.

SS was concentrated on that red line and followed it all over the gym. It is obvious what SS is going to be for Halloween, just look at that hair; it screams Cousin It. Although P is still lobbying for the girl from The Ring. There's an uncanny resemblance either way.

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