Saturday, June 16, 2012

SS the Bug Slayer

SS is not spending much time in her backyard, much to our chagrin. SS has discovered bugs, yep, those annoying creatures that have certainly been a part of her life since coming home, and I'm sure before as well. It does not matter, she is deadly afraid of bugs and has a meltdown whenever she sees one. Her definition of bugs makes things more difficult, because she includes flies, mosquitoes, dust particles... SS decided to fight back, and that she's been doing with gusto much to our amusement. She is fighting back by killing them, I could say squashing them, but SS prefers the word killing. She happily stomps on bugs (including harmless ants), stomps on or bashes them with an object. She then proudly looks up, smiles and proclaims, "I killed it, I killed the bug Mama/Baba." It's better than her having a nuclear meltdown. Since she has not started any fires nor wets her bed, we are not terribly concerned. But if PETA gets a hold of this info, she's going to be in a world of trouble. Those pacifists can be brutal.

For a while now, SS has been carrying her foam pirate sword on her back. P jokes that she is lousy at concealing a weapon. Yesterday SS added a new weapon to her arsenal, the fly swatter, but to SS it's The Bug Killer. We were in the backyard watching her swatting away at anything that moved in the air, or on the ground.

Last night was SS's third night in her bed. For the last three mornings she has awaken unusually early. SS is only out of bed early on Sundays because of DB practice. The rest of the week we just let her be. She comes into bed to cuddle with me while P showers, and I can tell how this transition is affecting SS. She's always been a cuddle bug, but when she snuggled between us, she simply shifted closer to me when P left the bed, and hardly ever woke up. These three mornings she has come to bed, between 5:45-6:00, and asked for a cuddle. She then presses her nose against mine, and caresses my face. After a while I can feel her little body relax, then her trademark snoring. Fifteen minutes later she rolls over and is in deep sleep. She was emotional during and after the move, but the past three days she has certainly turned it up a notch. We did not think that was possible.

Yesterday I woke up dizzy, with a sore throat, ear pain, high fever, and overall yuckiness. Today I'm a bit better, but still feel yucky, and a yucky Mama, and hypersensitive SS are not a good combination. All I want to do is rest and get to practice tomorrow. Even if I'm not up to paddling, it'll feel good to be there. We are really enjoying, and looking forward to Sundays, it's good for the soul. I'll throw in Saturdays for SS and I, because even though P is at work, SS and I shop, and get the van and equipment ready for Sunday. Towels, bathing suits, PFDs, food, drinks, and stroller to get ready. Really loving our Sundays.

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