Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh to be a cute little Chinese girl.

As we were leaving the hotel I noticed JJ's favorite car. We drove by it several times over the past two days, yet somehow managed to miss it. Had to turn around and get a picture for JJ. SS was very excited, because I have recently. introduced her to the Back to the Future movie, and like her brother, SS fell in love with the Delorean.

As we were about to take SS's picture the attendant came up to us, and held his finger, in a wait gesture. Bummer, we thought pictures were not allowed. The attendant then took the rope down and had a very surprised SS sit on the car. P took pictures with the good camera, I'll post one when we get home. The attendant said he could not resist SS's smile, and he knew we were there just for the Delorean photo op.

We are on our way home, and once there SS's smile is going to disappear. She has a wound check appointment at urgent care, and we are certain she is going to freak as soon as she sees the building. Hopefully she'll be tired from the drive, and heat, and it won't be too bad. Yeah, right, wishful thinking.

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