Friday, July 20, 2012

A great gift idea.

A few days before Father's Day SS came up to me and stated, "I have a great gift idea for Baba."  She was aware of FD, because she was with me when we purchased his gifts, and I kept reminding her not to tell Baba. SS did not have a gift idea, she did not have a good gift idea, she had a great gift idea. There's no way I'd turn down a great gift idea, I was all ears. With a megawatt smile she shared with me, "An Angels T-shirt for me." She was so proud of herself, and I did not want to hurt her feelings, so I gently explained that the idea is to get a gift FOR Baba. I did not damp SS's enthusiasm, as she happily explained, "But I'll look beautiful, and it makes Baba happy."  How can I argue with that logic? The girl was spot on, so off we went to shop for an Angels shirt. Sadly, we could not find SS's size, and she was devastated. Next I looked Online, and was annoyed, because I found toddler sizes up to 4T, then 8 and up. What the heck happened to the 5-6 crowd? Two days ago we went to Target and encountered the same problem, and since we were running out of time, we bought her the size 8, she'll just have to grow into it. SS could not care less that her shirt is a few sizes too big, she's happy. And she was right, Baba was very happy with his T-shirt/hat wearing Angel.

SS is one funky child, and as much as she can make us want to stick out heads in the oven, she also makes us laugh. P wanted to post some SS moments of lately.  Last week SS came into our room while I was getting dressed. She appreciatively exclaimed,"Ohhhhh Mama that is a beautiful bra!" I was amused, because I do not own a single beautiful bra. I asked SS if she liked back lace bras, and she responded "Oh yeah, and when I get one, I'm going to be cool." There you have it, the key to coolness is a black bra.

SS and P were watching videos on You Tube, and they came across a video in Russian. They were not even a minute in, when SS yelled "SPEAK IN ENGLISH"  Sweet irony of life, coming from the Chinese girl, who is about to commence a Spanish immersion program. Once the laughter subsided, we were rather worried.

A couple of days ago, we were doing our thing (SS playing, me reading), while Paula Deen was on TV. She was talking about how potatoes are her favorite, and went on a potato discourse. With her Southern accent, it comes across as potata. Up to this point SS was very focused on what she was doing, not looking up at the TV. She suddenly looks up, furrows her brows and says, "Potata? What the HECK is a potata?" SS, the new member of the English language and English pronunciation police, although she is still shaky on both.

But one of her best zingers was dished yesterday during dinner. P made his world famous $10 burgers. SS is usually indifferent to P's burgers, mainly because he makes hers as big as ours. I gave up asking him to make something SS size, he can't process a child's serving.  I cut SS's in fourths, to make the logistics of eating easier. SS surprised us by digging in, then raving about the burger. P was so surprised that he kept asking her if she really liked it, he should have stopped while he was ahead. To try to get her point across SS said "It's like a McDon@ld's burger." P's face was just classic, I know, I have been there. Kids have a way of really taking you down a few notches. JJ was once equally generous with his praise of my home made pizza. He declared "Mommy, it's great, just like at Chuck E. Cheese." UGH, never made the damn thing again.

Backhanded compliment aside, SS did very well with her burger, she ate half, a first for her. SS has a small mouth and taking a bite is difficult for her. Take a look below, that's the thickness P deems appropriate for a small mouth like SS's.  For the record, P's burgers are really good, not cardboard like, you know, like those from Mickey D's.

SS can sleep anywhere, and in the most awkward positions.

We had to cut short our back to school shopping, because SS was complaining about the heat, and acted as though she was in the middle of the Sahara. It was only 99 degrees. A watermelon granita hit the spot, and the poor baby did have a heat rash on her neck (darn beautiful neck rolls), and her cheeks were flushed. We headed to Costco to spend time around the frozen food section before picking up what we needed.

Our angry bird.

From about to pass out from the heat, to being wrapped up in a throw. Kids are strange creatures.

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