Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Impressive foot growth.

SS feet grow at a very slow pace, she is still in toddler sizes. One summer I bought sandals one size bigger, thinking SS could use them the next summer. It turns out we had to buy her sandals, because she had not even grown a half size in one year. I have been looking for sandals SS can wear in the water since we moved.  I cringe every time she puts on her blue sandals, because they seriously need to be replaced, but we have had lousy luck finding something. We went to the outlets today, SS found a pair she liked and I confidently asked for a size 8, thinking SS would have plenty of room to grow. Imagine my surprise when they were too small, SS is wearing a size 9 now. She was a size 7 on her birthday. What the heck happened?  SS settled on a cute pair of Skechers (below), and they were on sale.

Then we went to target and they had these cute ones on clearance, so SS scored again.

I now feel much better about SS's shoe situation, and she has three pairs of sandals to get wet. Just call her Bigfoot.

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