Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go Angels!

Ever since we arrived from China, P has wanted to take SS to an Angels game. Her first two years home, SS was too young to sit through a game, let alone understand what was going on.  SS was also afraid of loud noises, and that is exactly what one gets in a stadium full of rabid fans. By her third year home SS was into the Angels and would watch the games with P. However, the thought of driving five hours one way, spend the night, just to watch a sport that is as exciting as watching paint dry, or watching grass grow, did not appeal to me. And SS still had issues with noises, depending on the situation. I did not rush into looking for lodging or possible dates to travel to Oakland for a game. P also wanted a cheerleader outfit for SS, and we waited until we returned home to get the right size. By the time we looked for the outfit, we could not find it in red and blue, only pink, yuck, we passed. The picture below was taken in August 2008, Baba and Baby S wearing matching Angels socks, sippy cup for Baby S, and frosty mug for Baba.

One of the first things on P's mind when we moved was to cross that item off his long awaited to do list. We could not find a cheerleader outfit, but P was OK with a nice hat and a T-shirt, as long as he had the opportunity to take his angel to an Angels game.  Last night P finally got his wish, as he cashed in the remaining Father's Day gift.  Both SS and P were giddy with excitement. P educated SS on the importance of the Rally Monkey, something that went right over my head. It turned out to be a very valuable lesson.

Holding her ticket and ready to root for her team.

That is one big hat.

Let's roll...

We arrived early because we wanted to check out the merchandise, especially a Rally Monkey.

Sorry about the many pictures, but this was four years in the making, and we wanted to make sure to get the Angels logo in as many times as possible.

Good job P, an Angels home game beats being in hostile Oakland A's territory. Plus SS was finally very ready to enjoy the game.

Our monkey holding her Rally Monkey.

SS had a blast, because our daughter loves any opportunity to cheer, applaud, scream, jump, shout, and go wild and crazy. She caught on right away when the border screens called for "Make Noise," or clap, clap clap "Let's Go!" She was a tad baffled when the Kansas City pitcher threw the ball to first base to keep the player from straying, and the crowd booed. P only had to explain once, and after that SS right on it  The pitcher got right what he deserved every time he engaged in such an evil deed.

SS became an instant fan of the Rally Monkey, and made as much noise as she could to make him appear.  People around us were surprised at how much noise her tiny body could produce. We did not have a problem letting SS scream, shout and spend as much energy as possible. Anything for the opportunity to have her go gentle into that good night sleep.

I became worried when at the top of the seventh inning the score was tied. I was done by the third inning and was dreading the game going into extra innings. Thankfully our team came through on the eight inning, and scored three runs for a 6-3 Halo win. As much as I'm not a baseball fan, I did have a good time just being there for another SS first. But also because this was something P wanted so much, and for so long. The smile on his face was worth the three and a half hours on that seat. Combined with SS's smiles and sense of wonder, it made for an unforgettable evening.  

Love watching those little fists up in the air. SS was initially baffled by the seven inning stretch since it's been two years since we went to the Outlaws minor league game in Chico. She quickly got the hang of it, and a dancing she went. SS also participated in her very first wave. The look on her face as she saw the wave make its way around the stadium was priceless.  I have never enjoyed a wave so much in my life. While I do enjoy watching in the comfort of my air conditioned home, with a bathroom a few steps away, and free food and drink, I would do it again.

I ended up with a pink logo on my hat, it was on clearance, and I'm cheap. Turns out it matches my T-shirt, so it worked out well. We all ended up with different shirts and hats. Just like the make up of our family. 

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