Monday, July 23, 2012

Paddle warrior.

Yesterday we had our last Dragon Boat practice, next weekend is the Dragon Boat Festival, the races, the real thing. Initially SS and I were going to attend both days, but P works Saturdays. P was able to trade days with a coworker, and not only do we get to enjoy both days with him, but we won't have to drive to Long Beach both days. We are going to stay in the area Saturday night, because after a full day of fun, racing, sand, sun and water, we know we are going to be very tired. We are really looking forward to the festival.

When we arrived at practice, our new paddles and team T-shirts were there.  One of the guys cut our paddles to our individual fit. When M gave me our T-shirts I did a double take, one hanger had my name, the other P's name, but the outside of the bag was labeled Bumble Bee. Who the heck is Bumble Bee? Turns out that SS has been talking a lot about Transformers, because M knew about her obsession, and asked her teenage daughter which one was SS's favorite. J remembered that SS's favorite is Bumble Bee. Sweet and scary at the same time.

We skipped the water park, because we had plans for Monday and Tuesday, and did not want to overload ourselves.  SS did not complain, maybe she was tired as well. It turned out to be a wise choice, because we practiced race pace, and we both had very sore shoulders by the time we made it home. We would have been home a lot earlier, but we stopped at a few Toys R Us, in search for SS's school backpack. Turns out our daughter is pining for the hottest backpack for boys, the green Ninjago Ninja. It is sold out everywhere, and it does not look like she'll be getting what she wants.  Amazon has the backpack/lunch tote set for $70, and that is NOT going to happen.

How many pictures can we post of SS asleep? Who knows, but come on, this is an unique sleeping pose. Funny, that is how P usually falls asleep.

Bumble Bee's T-shirt bag.

Check out SS's new fedora.

Blazing Paddles

Fast, fresh, fierce.

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