Friday, July 06, 2012

Agua fresca and unexpected advise.

P has never understood my penchant for fresh fruit. This time of the year we go through so many watermelons, and strawberries, but P rarely partakes. I do not know what evil deed fruit has ever done to my husband, or what offspring of his it killed, because he is just not a fan. On our first breakfast with SS I had watermelon on my plate, SS had a taste, and she's been a fan ever since. Every morning in China SS had scrambled eggs, fried noodles (wish I could make them like those), and watermelon. I was so happy that I finally had another watermelon fan under my roof.  SS and I can go through vasts amounts of watermelon, while P just shakes his head, and wonders what is the attraction. 

One of our favorite things about the bay area is visiting La Taqueria on 25th and Mission in San Francisco. Yep, the place where SS took her first steps on US soil. Not only did they have the best burritos, but we looked forward to their agua frescas. We always have fresa (strawberry) agua frescas with our burritos, but I have also tried their melon (watermelon) and piƱa (pineapple). They are equally delicious. I have no idea why, but I never tried making them at home. About a month ago, P e-mailed me an agua fresca recipe, probably because we were gearing up to our carnitas dinner. It called for seltzer water or ginger ale (can't remember which one), and that did not make me too confident about its authenticity.  Last week I bought a large container of strawberries, and on a whim decided to try making agua fresca. Way easy, blend strawberries with water, add sugar (Splenda for me), enjoy. I knew SS was going to love it, but I was surprised when P also enjoyed the agua fresca. Not only did he like it, he asked me to make watermelon agua fresca next time.

On Wednesday P took advantage of the 4th of July sales, and sent SS and I on a meat bonanza shopping trip. He couldn't stand the bare state of our freezer, and is determined to fill it up. Now that we have a decent size freezer inside, we do not rely as much on our garage freezer. Also on the list was a watermelon. We are now on our second pitcher of melon agua fresca, and P is enjoying fruit along with us. 

On Wednesday SS and I did some other shopping as well. I was looking at bras when SS surprised me with the following convo:

SS: Mama, look for a genie bra, they are good, and will look smooth under your shirt.
Me: HUH? What is a genie bra, I don't think they exist SS.
SS: Mama, genie bras are really good, they will look smooth.
Me: Where did you get that from?
SS: Oh, I just saw it on TV Mama.

I related the exchange to P, and he mentioned that he had seen the commercial the previous day. OK, I am the only member of this household that wears a bra, and I was clueless. Never thought I would be getting bra advise from my five year old, flat chested daughter. The other thing is that she obviously listens when the devil's box (throw back to my SDA childhood) is on. It would be nice if she was equally attentive when her parents talk.

Our second pitcher of agua fresca, and there's still plenty of watermelon leftover. Not bad for $3.

Our watermelon crazy girl.

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