Sunday, July 22, 2012

P is getting his grill on.

We left our grill behind when we moved, and were in no hurry to buy another one. We are still unpacking, grill shopping was nowhere in the horizon. I considered getting one for father's day, but P asked me to wait, since he wasn't sure what he wanted. Our previous grill had a rotisserie, and a side burner.  But we hardly used either feature, and P was weighing his options. Grandpa put us out of our indecisive misery by giving P a grill for Father's Day.  When we lived in family housing at UCR, grilling and/or eating outside on the patio was an almost daily occurrence. It would be nice to do that again.  That is, once we get a patio set.

The day the grill arrived, P started assembly as soon as he came home from work, with help from his ever present side kick.

Of course I'm helping, my mere presence brings upon a sense of calmness, which is conductive to understanding the directions.

As P lined up the parts he realized it was going to take longer than he originally estimated.

Most likely wishing he had left the darned thing in the box until his next day off, but too late because all the parts were out.

SS decided to get some painting done, before returning to "help."

Just back in in time to help with the finishing touches, and unveiling of the finished product.

She assembled a grill ad finished her painting. SS can multitask.

We have already used the grill quite a few times, the reason for P's sudden interest in amassing mammal flesh in the garage freezer. Friday afternoon we were texting back and forth about what to have for dinner. P wanted to grill, but could not decide what. With a freezer full of beef and chicken, we both realized we did not have the one thing we were craving, fish. P did not care what kind, as long as it could be grilled. SS and I drove to C0stco in search of dinner. 
P and his shadow.

There's lots of reading to do, since this is an election year. Four years ago, SS had only been home for four months on election day. She's never forgiven herself for not being thoroughly informed on all the issues.

Sundried tomato basil breaded tilapia (Costco), sweet mini peppers, zucchini, and rice.

Mikey liked it.

Not only did SS give it two thumbs up, she ate 3/4 of the fillet. Not bad for our light eater, who finished the leftover half of her burger for lunch.

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