Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SS is a true Angels fan, down to her blood type.

Yesterday at 9:00 a.m. I received a call from SS's pediatrician regarding her lab work. SS is healthy, and as a bonus, she does not need an MMR shot. I asked Dr. B what if the school insisted on the shot. He asked that we pick up a copy of the results, present it to the school nurse, and if she had a problem she can call him.  Cool, we like this doctor.  Dr. B then told me what we have waited four years to know, SS's blood type. It turned out to be one of those moments I wish I could do over. The moment I heard A+, I squealed.  Yes, I squealed like a stupid teenager, not only that, but I managed to croak out "Just like me." UGH, how embarrassing. Not only like me, but like JJ and Abuela. Turns out that SS is a true Angels fans, down to her blood type.  Upon hearing the news P crowed, "Good, I can donate blood to all of you." P is O+.  I had an appointment at 10:45, and as we were getting ready, P suggested that once we were done with the appointment and delivered SS's lab work to her school, we could come home and take it easy. We arrived home late Monday night, went to bed past midnight, and were up very early. It sounded like a great plan.

Great plans do have a way of becoming derailed, albeit for good reasons. We were prepared for the hurried first appointment, then wait for referrals whenever. Turns out Doc B (to differentiate from SS's Dr. B) is a spitfire who likes to get things moving quickly. Before getting into the appointment, we wanted to share that my ethnic womb struck again. Doc B was going over my medical history, asked for number of pregnancies (I said one, because it's really irrelevant), then how many resulted in live births.  When I said one, she smiled and rolled her eyes, as in thinking duh, then pointed to SS. Doc B then proceeded to chuckle at her silly mistake. It's a good thing she was so freaking nice and knowledgeable, so we overlooked  that temporary lapse.

Doc B was simply amazing, very throughout, and a good listener. I was glad P was there, because he can rattle in record time every medication I have taken since we met. When we talked about my insomnia, I could tell Doc B was impressed when P gave her a chronology of the medications that I have tried without success. When she noted that I have tried all that's out there I was discouraged. Doc B stated that she did not want to retrace already taken steps, and surprised us by stating she was making a referral to a pulmonologist.  Huh? Apparently there's a pulmonology practice specializing is sleeping disorders, for people like me, "not your garden variety insomniac." Lucky me, I'm untreatable.

Next Doc B checked my left knee, and managed to manipulate it in a position that would cause the most excruciating pain.  That earned me another referral. She then asked me why did I think I had a hernia, so I just showed her. No need to explain, once you see it, you know what it is. That earned me my third referral, to a surgeon.  Since we had been in the examining room for way over an hour, I decided to leave the minor issues, asthma and allergies, for the next appointment. Doc B bid adieu, and we got ready to leave. Her medical assistant came in with my lab orders, X-ray referral (to be followed by an MRI), and the surgeon referral. Wow, that was fast. She apologized for not having the pulmonologist referral, since those are handled by the referral coordinator. I think we are going to be just fine under Doc B's care.

We made a quick stop for SS's lab work copy, then had lunch.  With Dragon Boat weekend, and P not due for a day off until August 6, we decided to forgo going home to chill out. We first stopped for my lab work, where P and SS amused themselves by taking manipulated pictures of each other.  The knee X-ray was next, and we were grateful that SS had entertainment.  We drove to SS's school, but the staff does not return until Monday.  Just when we thought we would go home, take a break then start grilling dinner, we remembered that we promised SS a movie. She had been asking to see Brave for a while, and we said we would go this week. Yesterday was our last opportunity this week, so we came home, spent an hour making phone calls to our insurance, scheduled the surgeon's appointment, then off to the movies. SS enjoyed the movie, and she will be asking for an archery set soon. We didn't get to take it easy, but at least we got quite a bit done.

SS can't get enough of her Rally Monkey.

You've got to be kidding me. She really thinks Mama gave birth to me and I came out Chinese? Way to go Mama and Baba!

This one made SS laugh the most.

At the imaging center. SS can't see a "fountain" and not take a picture.

SS's school, and of course I would not post the entire name.

SS hinting at the next movie she wants to see. So not going to happen.

Finally a D*sney female protagonist that does not make me want to hurl.

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