Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jugo de guanabana.

Yesterday the mercury reached 100 degrees. We were tired, were hell bent on vegging around, and were true to our word.  The heat was oppressing, but we did manage to accomplish two tasks. SS has an appointment with her pediatrician next Monday morning. P will be able to be there, and that made me feel better. I know it's going to take P some time to accept his new lack of flexibility. I do not know of many fathers who have only missed one of their child's doctor's appointments in four years. And he was being selfless, Abuela was visiting, and he wanted her to have the opportunity to be there with SS.  I was very pleased that he could at least make her first appointment. Also, since SS is as accident prone as her Mama, P will have plenty of urgent care, and emergency room time. I have an appointment the following week on Tuesday, and it is P's three days off week, so he will be there.  With SS we just want her to have that first visit, thankfully there are no major concerns; other than possible allergies, her eczema, and the fact that she has a Y chromosome (I kid, I kid). I am looking forward to get the ball rolling on my hernia and knee, but I'm also nervous. The doctor is either going to think I have the worse luck ever, or have M√ľnchausen syndrome. Having P there will lessen the anxiety.

We finally ventured out in the afternoon to an Asian market to pick up supplies for two recipes I am either brave, or stupid to try. At the market I was reminded of one of the things we are enjoying about being here. I found jugo de guanabana (guanabana juice). I was so excited to see something familiar, something that I missed. I must admit that I did not spend my childhood downing guanabanas, but I have yet to encounter the fruit here. It also happens to be my favorite ice cream flavor.  I was able to introduce P and SS to my passion about guanabana ice cream, and they both agreed that it was delicious. I bought a can of juice, and wondered if SS would feel the same about the flavor three years later. She liked it, and as a bonus I got a trip down memory lane. We'll be back for more.

This is SS's first time on the log ride at Knott's, the only "big people" ride she can enjoy. It's P's favorite, so we had a lot riding on SS not being afraid. She was freaked out about the darkness, but it turned out to be a good exercise in trust. The only mistake we made was that SS and I were in the front, and P separately behind us. Regardless of her declaration, SS looks forward to her log rides. And after that first time we seat together, me between P's legs, and SS between mine. It provides her a sense of security.

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