Sunday, July 01, 2012

Only three more weeks of practice.

It's hard to believe, but we have only three more practices before the Dragon Boat Festival (July 28-29). We are looking forward to the festival, watching the pros, and enjoying the cultural events. We think Sula will enjoy watching Chinese acrobats again. We are not looking forward to the races, because we are nowhere near ready. It's our first time, I'm injured, and P's work week ends on Saturday. What his body needs Sunday is rest; instead, he gets up early and drives 69 miles (one way) to endure unwanted exercise. OK, Knott's and Soak City help, but we are doing this for SS. To make up for a very important aspect that was missing since she came home.

Today we worked on synchronicity. Really? Now? With three weeks left? We only know kayaking, but it seems that synchronicity with 18 people paddling is essential for a smooth ride. We feel out of place and it is frustrating. P is working on trading work days, so he can be there Saturday and Sunday. The bulk of the races take place on Saturday.

Last week in July this chapter of our new lives in Southern California will be over, until next summer. Thanks to Michelle and Joe, we were able to introduce SS to a part of her culture, not only as an observer, but as a participant. We don't care if we do not win a single race, we have gained so much in the past few weeks.

SS surprised us by joining the warm up session. We did everything we could to be late, but arrived just in time for the one hour torture session. Since it was SS's first time, it was OK for me to miss parts of the warm up to document a first in our child's life. We love having an excuse a child, 
Arm warm ups with Baba.

At the store.

While waiting for lunch.

Abuela wanted to know how SS's scar looks, and here it is, Scarface SS (just kidding). JJ talked to SS yesterday and asked her if she had a pirate scar, she happily said yes. We are so grateful that she is into pirates instead of princesses.

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