Monday, August 13, 2012

First day of school.

Time does fly by, because to us, SS is still our baby. After all, we just arrived home from China just the other day. And here it is, SS's first day of kindergarten. I did not shed a single tear, because I got it out of my system last night, after SS went to bed. We were worried about waking her up before she was ready, but SS woke up on her own at 6:40 a.m., and we had a great cuddle in bed. It was so since that today is P's day off, otherwise he would have missed such an important milestone.  SS uncharacteristically ate breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon. I packed goldfish crackers for her snack (and also left a big bag with her teacher), and for lunch I made her a ham and Gouda sandwich in a Hawaiian sweet roll, peaches and green beans. SS also has a thermos full of milk.

SS was not the least bit hesitant when we arrived at school. Our brand new Road Runner (school mascot) could not wait to get going, but her teacher, Mrs. V-P was MIA. The other three K teachers (there are two regular, and two immersion classes) were there, and we began to wonder. Apparently Mrs. V-P is just fashionably late. She lined up the kids, and they entered the school grounds, where they were tagged by the teaching assistant. SS found this process excruciatingly slow, and a few times we thought she was going to lose it. As we watched SS follow her teacher to the classroom we were grateful for her preschool experience. We are not perfect parents, and God knows we have royally botched things along the way. However, the pace and path of transitioning SS turned out to be a wise choice. We were thankful we spent an obscene amount of money on preschool. 

BTW, SS's school does not require uniforms, but apparently my twelve years of wearing uniforms to school are hard to shake. This is the first school outfit I purchased for SS, and although I gave her a choice this morning, she chose this one. My tomboy chip obviously malfunctioned when I went school clothes shopping, because SS ended up with five skirts, two dresses, and only one pair of shorts for school. And yes, they are all like this one, preppy uniforms. What the heck happened to me? Abuela, before you freak out, SS's skirts have shorts underneath, she will keep her modesty while on the playground. 

P is always making fun of my lousy picture taking, and today he learned that payback is a b*tch. I wanted to take pictures in the shade, but my husband scoffed at my lack of photographic knowledge and chose the sun. We are definitely redoing this when SS comes home.

Mrs. V-P (she has a hyphenated last name, like SS).

So Abbey Road.

Officially tagged.

This is how we got pictures and video, they were serious about not allowing unabashedly excited parents inside the gates. 

And off she went to embark in a new adventure.

This post courtesy of my birthday gift.

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