Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tid Bits

SS, K and E make a cute trio. K's mother is half Asian, half Caucasian, and his father is Mexican. When his mother told us his middle name we were glad she stuck to her decision of using K as his first name. K's middle name is his paternal great-grandfather's name, the man's first and last name.  E is Hispanic, and being raised by her grandparents. She has a lot of the same issues regarding abandonment as SS, and is asking a lot of questions. E is also very self conscious about her family being different, although there's plenty of resemblance. Makes it even more interesting that SS is eerily comfortable with our mixed family.  Although SS is the only Asian child in her class )and so far all of K), we feel really good about the diversity present in just that cute trio of misfits.

SS received her first birthday party invitation yesterday, to K's sister's first birthday celebration. E was also invited, and the majority of kids there will be K's or C's  age (his sister who is 3). We feel comfortable with SS around both age groups. And the birthday girl, S, is simply adorable. So adorable, that P, who thinks 99.9% of children he encounters are plain ugly, declared her "cute."

Yesterday I was asked "the question," and it came from an unexpected source.  After letting the kids go for the day, Mrs. V-P called me over and asked about SS's name, because she goes by her nickname at school, rather than her first name. I explained that on the registration form we were asked preferred name, and legal name. Since they are practicing writing their names, I told Mrs. V-P that she could use either one.

Mrs. V-P asked if SS was born "here," and I responded that she was born in China. I am not usually very forthcoming with information until I can gauge the intention behind the inquiry. Plus, I enjoy making people spell out what it is they want to know.  Pause, then... "how did she get here?" I was oh so tempted to say via Northwest Airlines, but realized that she did not seem to be just nosy. I stated the obvious, via adoption. The teacher asked about the process, then surprised me by revealing that she and her husband have been trying to conceive for twelve years. OK, STOP, TMI! They are considering adoption, but do not feel comfortable with a domestic adoption. Better for them, they are not interested in adopting an infant. We talked about the special needs program, I gave her some resources in terms of research, and went to find my husband and child.

When I relayed the conversation to P, he said "that was my fault." How the heck could someone asking about SS's origin be his fault? Although P has been to school on his days off, I am the one who gets the teacher's attention for SS to be released. Yesterday was the first time that the teacher got a good look at P, and according to him, that is what spurred the question. 

SS and P spent time with Grandpa today after school, and we had dinner at home. SS arrived with some pretty cool loot. Grandpa solved a dilemma we had for a few weeks. SS is overall Lego crazy, but right now she is Ninjago crazy. She's been asking for a set from Costco. We are doing very well about not buying her things just because. The nearest special occasion is Christmas, and who knows what she will absolutely die without by then. Grandpa absolved us of all guilt by indulging SS, and he also spotted a Coast Guard helicopter, and just had to buy it. What he did not know is that SS has developed an interest in helicopters over the past two months. No idea where that came from, it just sneaked up on me. Right now SS is mad at me, because she will have to wait until the weekend to play with her Legos.

After SS was in bed I took a look at her Lego set, and the third pack caught my eye, a weapons pack. SS has a weapons pack, watch out world.

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