Friday, August 17, 2012

Gracias a Dios es viernes.

The title means TGIF, and it's in Spanish as a shout out to SS's first five days in Spanish immersion hell. She has not complained once, although she is at a disadvantage. SS's class is at least 95% Hispanic, and for the majority, apparently fluent in Spanish. I dislike it when people make assumptions about where I was born (Japan, Cuba, Spain, and Samoa have been the most amusing), thus I won't make guesses. I thought that although SS was by no means fluent, having me spouting Spanish since we met, watching TV/movies in Spanish (to feel less guilty about her tube consumption), along with her awesome pronunciation, would help. I worried that she would feel self-conscious, since she has a history of shutting down when asked things she darn well knows.  P is his usual confident self, because contrary to performance, JJ and SS are the smartest creatures ever. That leaves me with the pragmatic role, and sometimes it sucks.  Such is life...

When we arrived this morning I noticed a young mom looking at SS, as her son was talking to her. She came up to me and asked SS's name. Her son had been talking about "my best friend, a cool girl, and we play pirates during recess." Yep, that would be our daughter. SS has been talking about a boy friend that she plays with, but could not recall his name.  K is her play buddy, and we introduced ourselves. K's mom, N, said that when he pointed out SS, she thought it could not be, she looked so tiny and feminine. I assured N that in "real life" SS is a skulls and bones, super hero, dark side, Darth Vader, evil loving girl. K & SS played, then B sort of joined them. He just stood between them. Interesting... K & SS left to play (a first this week), and N and I chatted for a while.  When K & SS spotted their teacher they came to us, said goodbye, then K took SS's hand in his and they walked to their teacher. O, one of the boys in SS's class (he has the coolest skulls and bones shirts and digs SS), was not amused by the hand holding and made it clear. Dude, had no idea there would be drama in kinder. I bid goodbye to N, texted P about the cuteness and went home.

When I returned to pick up SS, I saw N looking towards the classroom. She distractedly said hi, and kept her eye on the classroom. I saw the kids come out, then N said, what are you doing, that is not your backpack. She then turned to me and said, Oh, it's SS's. Huh? K left his backpack at school one day and since, his parents have made sure he remembers. K picked up SS's backpack, and held it for her to put on her back. Again, HUH? K then got his backpack and lined up.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, how cute is that?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you find something cute, amusing, hilarious, foretelling, or all around wonderful and smile? Once in the van I texted P about the cute moment, all smiles about a five year old boy's gentlemanly nature. And as I pressed send, my brain began to function again. What the heck? SS is in freaking kindergarten, she is five. Why is some boy picking up her backpack and holding it for her? We are well aware that SS pushes people's "mommy buttons," but this is a boy. A five year old boy who should think of girls as yucky, really yucky, and full of cooties.  P and I are not looking forward to SS's teen years and dating. Maybe when she is 35...

Thursday's outfit with a dose of D-O-G loving. SS has been more lovey with her dog in the mornings this week. When I purchased the skirt, I initially passed on the blouse, just not my style. And it's white, and children and white do not mix. Then I reconsidered, added the blouse (thinking) for the grandmothers, and forgot about it. P forwarded me Nana's comment about the outfit, and I had a good chuckle. She liked the ribbons, the part I was unsure about (but I am a bad Hispanic when it comes to fashion). Her Nana and Abuela loved the ribbon. I texted P that his mother has a Hispanic gene. Nana and Abuela have very similar tastes in girls clothing. 

Our big girl this morning.

Getting the sillies out before school.

Don't know why, but SS really liked her hair clip and asked me to take a picture.

K is the taller boy with short hair, B (longer hair) just had to join in their fun, as in right in between them. K then whisked SS away to play elsewhere. 

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