Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soccer clinic.

SS's grandmothers mentioned that she did well kicking a soccer ball at their place. P and I had already discussed signing up SS for a short soccer season, through the Boys and Girls Club, starting in September.  We usually do not rely on grandparent praise, because they do have a perfect record of bias. As I type this the Abus are waiting for SS's growth spur, with the result being a Yao tall granddaughter.  So not going to happen. On Wednesday SS came home from school with a flier about a free soccer clinic. All we had to do was get her shin guards, which she would need next month anyway. We thought it would be a good opportunity to get a glimpse of SS's mad soccer skills. The downside, as with any Saturday activity was that P would miss the fun. Still, SS was beyond excited about getting to kick a ball around and off we went this morning.

We are confident that we are not raising a future Olympian, and there won't be any Mia Hamm or Hope Solo comparisons when SS enters a soccer field. Our daughter is hopelessly uncoordinated, although she looks good in the pictures below. I will be posting video tomorrow and it is a hoot. I took way too many pictures, and more video than needed, to allow P to see his baby shine.  The videos are going to take a while to load, that is why I won't be able to post until tomorrow.

The important part is that SS had a blast, and did her best to keep up with her peers.  She even managed to find a boy her size, and completely clueless, and managed to steal his ball. That was what they were practicing at the time. There were two practices scheduled, with a half hour lunch break in between. But half way through the first session, it was obvious that the kids were getting tired, and the second session was canceled.  They played from 9:30 to noon, and SS was running on fumes by the end. She wanted me to carry her to the car, but we refrain from carrying her around kids her age. We do not want them to see her as a baby and treat her accordingly.  SS was not pleased, but every child there walked to their cars on their own power.  She gave the morning two thumbs up, and can't wait to play next month. Practice is on Thursdays and games on Saturdays.  I will be taking lots of pictures and video for P.  

A very cranky SS showing her displeasure (and p*ssy attitude) at having to wait to start playing.

Much better, cuteness is always welcomed.

SS approached three boys who were playing at the goal, and made herself at home.  That kick looks like it was about to land on the boy's head, but he was safe.

During the fifteen minute break I took a very flushed SS to the van.  I cranked up the AC, and began to rehydrate my tiny soccer player.

DOG made it to the field after the break. SS was feeling Baba's absence, so I indulged her.

Another high kick.

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