Sunday, August 26, 2012

Soccer clinic videos.

We really have to be careful of what we do around SS. P watched the videos as soon as he arrived home Saturday. Since we came home I have sent him pictures and videos daily, even when we are home doing nothing. P is used to get his daily fix, but the reception at the park was lousy, and at times non existent. P was excited for SS and wanted to know how things were going, but had to wait. Funny how we become so accustomed to technology, and when we are deprived, we act as though we are undergoing extreme hardship. Anyway, SS was playing upstairs and it did not take long before P was laughing his butt off at SS's lack of coordination.  SS is also lazy, the girl would rather go hungry than spend unnecessary energy chewing. She was no different in the field, several steps behind. SS came downstairs to find us in tears from all the laughter, and it hurt her feelings.  She said she would not play again, and we feel awful.

The truth is that we are very proud of our uncoordinated bundle of joy. The fact that SS is alive today is a miracle, and we rejoice each and every day for that blessing. There are many things SS should not be doing, and we have a front row seat to her amazing resilience and tenacity. It is only because we are so proud of SS's defiance of the odds, that we feel comfortable having fun at her less than perfect moments. We just have to be mindful that she is a sensitive soul, and act accordingly. We talked to SS, reassured her, and in minutes she was babbling about playing next month.

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