Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker?

When we picked up SS yesterday I noticed her friend K sitting down on the floor outside the classroom, arms crossed, and a very teed off look on his face. I thought he probably had a bad day, we all have those. When we arrived this morning, K opened his backpack and shyly gave SS a drawing of the two of them.  SS had the be prodded to say thank you, then to my surprise she handed me the drawing and said "Show it to Baba." Huh? Then off they went to their teacher for another whopping three hours of learning. K's mom (N) approached me and shyly asked if something happened between SS and K yesterday. Not to my knowledge, although SS was awfully quiet, a rarity.  N stated that K was in a foul mood yesterday afternoon and even cried. The reason? When he went to pick up SS's backpack (apparently a daily occurrence), SS said no, that she would do it herself. Apparently it broke his heart, and the boy was afraid some other boy would be helping SS. That explains the sour look on his face yesterday. Our tiny Jezebel made a boy cry on her second week of school. Another reason I'm thankful that I'll be in an assisted living facility when SS hits puberty. 

After school today we went to my surgeon's appointment, and an unexpected one hour and twenty minute wait. I have waited at appointments before, but that was ridiculous.  The good news is that my intestines will be returned to their original position as soon as the insurance approves the surgery, and after I have a CAT Scan.  Dr. M did a double take when he read that I had a colectomy. "How old are you!? Oh well, not like I had any control over my colon perforating. Dr. M said that it is very unusual to have an incisional hernia where mine is located, (again, freaking lucky me)' they usually appear on the lower torso. And because I am so darned gifted at screwing up, it looks like I have several ruptures. Go me! Although he is going to request approval for laparoscopy and regular surgery, he is confident that he will be able to to the laparoscopic route. That is if the scan does not reveal any surprises, and since I'm such a medical mess, who knows what will happen. Yesterday I picked up a sleep study and possible tonsilectomy, today hernia surgery. Next month is my left knee's turn to showcase how my body is completely falling apart.

SS began her homework ninety minutes ago, and she is still on page one. All she had to do was write the word uno three times, then color a picture of a freaking horse (color by numbers). Ninety minutes and she is barely halfway through. SS's homework is going to be the death of me. Aren't kids supposed to enjoy coloring? And there's one more page to be colored. UGH. We are going to have to start her on homework as soon as she gets home from school. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Now that stupid song is stuck in my head.

So cute that K drew SS wearing a skirt and with pony tails.

We bought strawberries yesterday and SS asked me every five minutes if I was going to make agua fresca. This morning was the same, so I surprised her with a big cup full of the good stuff. The corn dog didn't go over as well, she only took one bite.

My very secure husband rocking SS's fedora.

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