Monday, August 27, 2012

Grandpa is visiting.

Grandpa arrived in San Diego last night at around 11:00 p.m.  As much as we wanted to be at the airport, SS and I stayed home. It was way pass her bedtime, and we want to make sure that SS is well rested on school mornings. Life kind of sucks when you have to finally become a responsible parent.  It was the right decision, because P did not make it home until 2:00 a.m.  Grandpa is staying at a hotel that can meet his needs better than our two story house.

We had lunch with Grandpa after school, then walked around the casino.  We accidentally discovered that if SS is sitting on Grandpa's lap, she can enter the forbidden carpeted area, without security scrambling to get her off. We had visited the casino for Mother's Day brunch, made the mistake of stepping on forbidden territory, and were quickly shooed away. After being schlepped around in comfort, SS decided to pretend to push the wheelchair. The girl is quirky.

Next was pool time, on the third floor of the hotel, which made P assume that it was an indoor pool. The temperature was high, but the breeze was a bit of a killer. We still got in, and although we forgot (P removed them from the van) SS's wetsuit and PFD, a good time was had by all.  P being P and spreading sunshine as usual, wanted to know everything about Grandpa's prosthesis. We have talked to SS about the amputation, the prosthesis, and what to expect, but she is still five years old. Her empathy for her grandfather, coupled with her limited understanding, almost resulted in a crying fest. Grandpa removed his prosthesis, SS did not have advanced notice, and it really cooked her noodle. She wanted to know if Grandpa was in pain, and she began to sniffle, SS wanted Grandpa to get his leg fixed, as in another real one. Oh sweetie, if life were only that simple. I can't believe that my colostomy and open wound came in handy. We talked about how bad it looked, that it hurt initially, but eventually the pain was gone. That seemed to pacify SS, and when we arrived home we reassured her that Grandpa is not suffering. Had I not been so busy with SS, I would have smacked P, as hard as possible upside his head. Seriously, I have fully accepted his morbid curiosity with death and destruction, but five year olds are not equipped with the tools to handle reality at times. 

We had a blast, but had (me) to come home to feed SS dinner, and get her in bed on time. P returned to have dinner with Grandpa, and spend quality time. I think my sneaky husband is scheming to spend Christmas in Maui, who knows with him. SS was babbling during bath time about the cool hotel where Grandpa lives. We don't know why SS is so fascinated with hotels, but if she could, she would spend weekends hotel hopping.

We will make sure to get pictures of SS and Grandpa looking at the camera.

SS's bed is getting crowded, and sometimes she actually gets under all those blankets. I do remove a lot of her must have once she is sound asleep.

My breakfast tomorrow morning, two hours before my scan. We are praying for no surprises to be found, and hopefully in two weeks we will be scheduling my surgery. Kind of pathetic to be excited about surgery, but it's time for my intestines to hang out in their original location.

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