Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SS dodged the bespectacled look for one year.

SS had a good first day of school, declared it fun, but was very tight lipped about what exactly she did while there.  Once again her eating is going to be an issue. She did not eat her snack, and only ate the peaches for lunch. I was thankful that she had a good breakfast, but that is not the norm for SS. She is like P, not a breakfast person, and I'm going to have to become creative. We had a quick lunch before SS's vision exam.  SS has a habit of asking what we are doing or where we are going next. It's like she has an acute case of early onset Alzheimer's. As we parked in front of the office, SS asked for the umpteenth time where we were going. P asked her where she thought we were going. Upon noticing the office, SS self assuredly stated "Oh yeah, we are going to the eye dentist!" Our daughter, habitual butcher of the English language, and as big a make up as you go along as her father.

SS does have difficulty seeing from a distance, and like her Mama and big brother has right eye astigmatism (P's is left eye). Her near vision, what she needs now to learn to read, is just fine. We were stunned that we did not have a clue that SS had difficulty with far vision. But as the doctor noted, how often has SS had to rely on only one eye? Since her near vision is good, he does not see the need for glasses at this time. We will return next year, and he will reevaluate then. I'm pleased because the thought of keeping track of SS's glasses simply terrified me. Right now I have three of her sunglasses in my purse, because she is always misplacing them. Also, SS really likes wearing sunglasses, and it would have been hard for her to give up. 

We arrived home in the afternoon to find a beautiful flower arrangement from Grandpa. It even included candles. In the morning, SS received a beautiful email from Abuela wishing her the best on her first day of school. We are going to print it and keep it for SS to read in the future. We also received two cards from Nana and Grand Min, one for my birthday, and one for SS's first day of school. I could not post a picture of SS with her card, because my amazing, brand spanking new laptop would not save the picture P took with his phone. Coincidentally, when I talked to Abuela in the morning, she mentioned that when I send her cell phone pictures she can't save them.
 What's up with that? SS also talked to Nana, and while I did not hear the conversation, SS seemed mighty pleased about whatever she shared. A big day for a big girl.

During dinner I asked SS about something we noticed when we picked her up from school. The backpacks were lined up outside the classroom. Curiosity got the best of me and I asked SS why. SS looked at me like I had asked the dumbest question. She the stated "Because when you are done with lunch you put your lunch bag inside your backpack Mama." I then asked why didn't they just put their backpacks in their cubbies. SS rolled her eyes and said "Mama, it's not preschool, we don't have cubbies." Nothing like being schooled by your five year old once she has entered the big leagues.

P treated us to a slice of The Motherlode, which SS enjoyed a la mode. I have mentioned repeatedly that I'm not a fan of my birthday, much to P's consternation. I thought my first birthday with SS home was incredible, but this year will definitely be my best. Because instead of remembering the sad things that have happened on or about August 13, from now on I will look back on SS's first day of kindergarten. How amazingly cute she looked, how she embraced the experience, how she walked with confidence, no tears, no trepidation.  SS gave me a birthday gift that will remain with me forever. Oh yeah, P's gifts were not too shabby either ;)

SS again had difficulty distinguishing letters from a distance.

Three dimensional vision and color vision OK.

Waiting for the second part of her exam. We do not think the doctor will soon forget SS. She grilled him on every apparatus in the room, and demanded to know what he was going to do before cooperating.

Ready for her second day of kindergarten. Don't let the small size and cute outfit fool you.  SS is as ferocious as the sharks on her backpack and lunch bag.

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