Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dia de Los Muertos celebration.

The plan for yesterday was relatively simple, take SS to her game, then come home and chill while waiting for P, followed by family time doing nothing.  But SS and I learned that her friend E was going to perform near our home with the Ballet Folklorico, to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos. E's mom stated that it would be the first time the dancers would perform with DDLM make up. SS and I wanted to see E dance with the majority of her group, and offer our support. I told P about it and much to my surprise he said he would join us. Of course my macabre husband would not pass up the opportunity to see children with their beautiful faces made up like skulls.

Off to soccer we went in the morning, with strict admonitions from P to take it easy.  Funny that my concern was the stairs leading to the upper field. Upon arrival I did not understand what was happening. People were parking out in the street. What the heck, that is one huge park, I had never seen so many cars. P told me to park in a handicap space. Those were taken, along with every red zone. Forget the steps, we had a steep hill to climb, and I had not had pain medication because I was driving. We took it easy and got to her team. But that little stunt cost me. I was miserable the entire game, which is unfortunate, because SS came out of her shell. She made contact with the ball several times, and not by accident.  Usually I would be on my feet, very vocal with my encouragement. I could only whisper and applaud. The rest of my energy was zapped by pain. I'm glad I sucked it up, because it was such a wonderful experience.  The other parents picked up the slack, and SS had quite the cheering section. At one point SS was in goal defense. Three kids in front of the goalie.  Every time she has been in that position she simply stands there, and watches the ball go in the goal. She kicked the ball three times. Mind you, her kicks are weak, but at least she got in the mix. Near the end of the game SS did her job without being prompted. She left her spot and charged the ball. It was so funny because she yelled as she did that. SS had a really good game. Of course, that is for a child devoid of any athletic skills.

Although the last thing I wanted to do was walk, it was important for Sula to go and watch E. We headed out downtown and were not disappointed. Dead people everywhere. We watched the performance, then had dinner across the street. There are several Mexican restaurants in our tiny downtown area. Ever since we moved we have been talking about walking to downtown on a Sunday afternoon. It is walking distance, but that was not an option yesterday.  We also have two Mexican markets, which is two more than we had in our former, huge city.  It's pretty neat to live here.

SS and E, love E's expression

The performing area was too small, and we were too close to be able to include all the dancers.

I see colorful, dead little people.

We bought SS two Buzz Lightyear watches in Laughlin, and had saved the Lego one as a future treat. She did so well on the field today, that we decided to reward her. It comes with a tiny Buzz Lego that can be attached to the watch band.

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