Tuesday, November 06, 2012

SS fulfilled her civic duty.

SS fulfilled her civic duty and voted this afternoon.  This is SS's second time voting in her short five years.  Four years ago, an almost twenty month SS, at almost the four month mark home, cast her first vote.  I was offered the option of voting electronically, and that seemed easier, since I was holding SS.  My baby girl has never been able to resist a screen, and she happily lent me her finger.  This time she was more in control, and since I can't hold her, she stood on a chair to complete her task. I hope that four years from now I am once again voting with my baby girl, who will be nine on her next election.

As far as my recovery, just taking it one day at a time. Once you surrender to the inevitability of constant pain, the rest falls into place. Four of my incisions are red and a bit swollen, and it is uncomfortable as hell, but it's nothing major.  I have an appointment Thursday with my surgeon and I'm sure he will notice.

Patiently waiting her turn.

Taking over, as usual.  Good thing our political views are the same, otherwise I would have had to knock her off that chair.

Her eyes make her look possessed, but still cute.  SS is very proud that she voted, and has the sticker to prove it.

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