Saturday, November 03, 2012

SS decorates a turkey, and we say goodbye to October.

We made an interesting discovery yesterday morning. I have been wearing a very uncomfortable hernia binder after the surgery. Thursday night the discomfort level increased, especially in my lower abdomen area. Looking to see what may be the problem we discovered another point of entry. I actually have nine nice extra holes on my torso. They are closed of course, but gee, really, how could we have missed that. I remember one of the recovery nurses saying that I was a nice pin cushion post op.  Feel more like a slice of Swiss cheese. The area around that incision is swollen like the others. But it is very close to the end of my original scar, that area is also swollen, and red. That is a bit worrisome. 

SS had a school project that we had neglected to complete and it was due yesterday. Although we are the poster parents for procrastination, we had a pretty good excuse this time. The task was to decorate a turkey drawing as a family. Creative tasks intimidate us because we don't posses an ounce of creativity between us. Thursday afternoon SS and I set out to decorate her turkey. I wanted SS to decide how she wished to decorate. Although a family project, I wanted it to look like a five year old actually had her grubby little hands all over it. That morning I bought colorful feathers, then felt like an idiot just before we started. I told P that it would not end well, since I obviously confused a peacock with a turkey. P reminded me that the goal was to have fun, in other words, lighten up, it's just a school project, not her application to an ivy league university.

SS ready to start, sporting the cool surgical cap she scored two days earlier. Who knew turkey decoration required a sterile environment. In addition to the feathers, SS chose black and pinto beans, white rice, and beads.  Looks like overkill with the newspaper, but this is SS, master of the mess.

Glitter glue to write her name.

SS decided to add spiral macaroni to the mix.

SS insisted that the feathers "have to be a pattern Mama."

She changed her mind when it was time to do the bottom feathers.

A very proud SS with her creation. I was surprised we were done before soccer practice. SS is notoriously slow, and has the attention span of a gnat.  But she was focused and really enjoyed the task. SS cracked me up with her approach to choosing beans. I just used whatever I grabbed, but SS carefully picked the "right" bean. Yesterday morning we saw a lot of beautifully decorated turkeys, that rubbed in my lack of creativity. I told P they looked professionally decorated. A lot of talent in kindergarten. One thing they were missing was the tell-tale signs of a five year old's contribution. Ours had irregularly cut feathers, glue globs, and much more evidence of SS's handiwork. I'm glad we did this post op, it was fun, and SS needs fun.

We got around to decorating this year, and P was pleased that our next door neighbors had the Halloween spirit and showed it. The bat, skeleton hands, and bush skeleton were part of P's birthday gift bonanza from 2010 (his mothers, not me).

We had this Snoopy pumpkin kit for years, it was good to finally put it to use. SS thought it was the best thing she had seen.

She also declared this bat "the best bat ever." Who am I to argue with a Halloween expert.

P liked our neighbor's bush decor.

We did not get out our Snoopy inflatable, or our huge monster inflatable that frames the garage door. Then there's Wendy the Witch, Snoopy lighted signs, and the fog machine.  But this was a good first, step, we won't have as many distractions next year.  We are sad that October is over, it's such a fun month. Summer fun is spread over five months, but Halloween is all squeezed into a measly thirty one days.

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