Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mi famlia.

Last Thursday I had my first post op appointment, and it was not fun. When the first thing your surgeon says upon entering the room is "Please tell me your husband is in the bathroom, or I'm going to be pissed." it just can't end well. Dr. M did say in no driving in P's presence, and I did not think claiming that SS drove was going to improve his mood. We both thought he was referring about me not driving while on Percocet.  I do not take pain meds when driving, and very rarely when caring for SS alone. Who knew the man really meant NO DRIVING until he lifted said restriction. It would have helped to have specific instructions. His concern was about those silly motions one engages when driving;  the steering, putting on and taking off a seatbealt, turning to look in both directions and over the shoulder. And the remote possibility of slamming on the brakes, or a fender bender, and what the seatbelt would do to my already tender torso. And although it does not seem possible, P and I encountered two extra incisions before the appointment. I have thirteen incisions, which makes sense, since he cut thirteen adhesions. Somewhere during the lecture were he made perfectly clear what I could not do, I decided it was not a good idea to ask why was I still hurting so much.

P likens my surgery to having thirteen bullet wounds, and Dr. M liked that. P would have gladly driven me, but I did not think it would be such a big deal.  I'm pretty much under house arrest now, just drive SS to school and back. No lifting, bending, etc.  Not driving around is not so bad, just annoying, boring and demeaning.  What hurts more than the surgery aftermath, is not being to do the little things I usually do with SS. It's weird going to a store and having her walk by my side.  No way can I lift her into a shopping cart. No picking her up when she's hurt, or just wants a cuddle.  I was not this good during my previous two surgeries. But I do not want to walk into his office is a few weeks, with my intestines out of place again.

So not doing so well, physically and mentally. P made up by the lack of picking up by allowing SS to sleep with us starting my second night home. We sent her to her own bed two nights ago, because I have taken one too many kicks to my gut. But this too shall pass, and I can't wait.

SS's family portrait. From left to right, SS, Mama, and Baba.

Another post Halloween find.

SS's last practice was today and her last game is Saturday.  She really had a blast and wants to play in January again.  We are waiting to hear if Coach K will return, because we loved his let's have fun approach. We are not sure about other coaches, since what we have witnessed id appalling.

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