Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We bought tickets for Pirate's Dinner Adventure in May, and life just got in the way of using them. Their expiration date was looming (11/30), so last night we did what any parent of a kindergarten child, enrolled in a rigorous immersion program would do on a school night.  We treated SS to dinner with pirates, not even thinking for a second that we would have to drag her tiny body, with a teenage attitude, out of bed this morning for school.  Once again, we are thankful for another fly by the seat of your pants parenting blessing, because we had an amazing evening.  SS even got her first glimpse of Knott's Merry Farm before dinner, and her first picture with Snoopy wearing a Santa hat.     

SS was beyond stoked, and we were both surprised and grateful that her pirate costume was still intact. It has been worn quite a few times. Here she is ready for whatever awaits her inside.

What awaited us inside was pirate merchandise galore.  We were glad that SS came fully prepared, because we could have been in for a major hit to our wallets. We had appetizers while waiting for the show to begin.

The show began with a literal bang, simulated explosions, and barrels falling above us (safely into nets).  Then the pirates made their aerial entrance (look at the ceiling), leaving SS speechless, but ever so more in love with a pirate's life.

We were divided in groups by color, and were instructed to follow our designated pirate. SS was immediately disappointed when we told her blue pirate was not our guy. We think she took a fancy to the pasty fellow. 

Then SS got a look at our orange pirate and she was sold. Quite frankly, our dude could so beat the tar out of the other pirates. Plus, no sun burns while toiling on the ship deck. Gotta love a pragmatic girl.

It was soooooooo cute to see SS grab her sword, and follow our pirate, her eyes wide with wonder.

That sword was up in the air so many times last night. And we were encouraged to scream and holler at the top of our lungs.  SS is never one to turn down socially sanctioned mayhem.

Not much of a crowd on a Monday night, and a school night.  The big plus was that SS had the opportunity to participate three times. She was able to be on deck twice.  I had to break the no flash rule, because there's no way we could leave without a picture of SS in the mix. We were discussing on the drive home how P and I would do anything to go unnoticed, if asked we would rather dive under the table.  But SS was very comfortable on stage. She was asked to detonate the cannons, and allowed the other kids to do the task.  Too loud for her taste. 

Orange pirate posed for several pictures with SS, he said "she EARNED it."  Look at the happy mug on our girl.

The final picture for SS with Captain Sebastian Black (we think) and his wife.  We had a blast, well worth the wait. SS was the perfect age to withstand the noise, simulated violence, and length of the show. We had a choice of turkey or ham for dinner.  Turns out we had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and vegetables.  A belated thanksgiving dinner, and no clean up involved.  SS hardly ate, as expected, so much going on, and she had to take it all in. I sneaked her bites when I could get her to open her mouth. However, once the apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream arrived, SS miraculously managed to get it into her mouth, while still taking in the show.  It was very rewarding to see and hear SS's unadulterated joy, so much that P and I were swept into the cheering and booing. It was good for the soul after the uncertainty of surgery. Big kudos to SS, for rocking that pirate outfit and not feeling the need to justify her gender. A lot of people commented on "the little dude/boy," with the cool costume. A lot also commented on the "dude's/boy's really long hair." SS and a boy (only two in full pirate costume) were kept on stage at the end of the show, to make a pledge to be pirates.  SS has a lisp and is rather shy when asked her name. Plus, not many people are used to her (nick)name, not that common. We held our breaths as the guy asked her name, and man, he got it right! That is when it dawned on a lot of people around us that the little dude, was simply an awesome girl.   

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