Friday, November 02, 2012

Parade and trick or treat pictures.

SS is a very caring child, always concerned about us, making sure we have our phones, sunglasses, glasses and wallets, when we leave the house. A direct result of how many times we have left said items behind, or misplaced them. She worries about our health, and  how we sleep. The past two days her focus has been on my food consumption. We explained that two things needed to happen before I could eat solid food. Those two requirements immediately piqued the interest of our bodily function obsessed child. It has led to some interesting conversations as well. In essence SS asks numerous times during the day "Mama, did you pass gas?" We are not sure what drives her persistence, her need to see me eat, or her concern that I am not engaging in one of her favorite hobbies. She must have reached the end of her short rope yesterday afternoon. We had this interesting exchange (sorry TMI):

SS: Mama, did you pass gas?
Me: No
SS: What number you pass gas Mama?
Me: HUH?
SS: 25, do pass gas at number 25?

I have no idea what that was about, but she was very serious about it, until I managed to distract her. Again, sorry about TMI.  But sweet SS always surfaces, we are so lucky to have her. This happens several times during the day.

SS: Mama, do you need to bend over?
Me: (Puzzled the first time) No pumpkin, why?
SS: Mama you can't bend over, you had tummy surgery, you get hurt. I bend over for you Mama.

Wow, she definitely did not get that caring nature from me, but definitely Mami's great-granddaughter.  Abuela asked for trick or treat pictures. Prepare for too many pictures not showing much. One reason we are not overwrought with guilt like we were three years ago, is that SS did have a good October, and we did not spend the entire day at the hospital.  SS attended a pirate party at the library (OK, September), had a fantastic day at Camp Spooky strutting in her pirate costume, went to a pumpkin patch with her class, participated in the shortest costume parade ever at school, and went trick or treat at the outlets. We don't think she was deprived of any Halloween related fun.

Last Friday the school had a costume parade. We were repeatedly warned that the children had to change into regular clothing immediately after the parade. The school is trying to strike a balance between the families who enjoy Halloween, and the families who object to it for religious reasons. We are not complaining because if SS was attending school in our former town, there would have been no Halloween talk, let alone costumes. It is that way in any government funded entity in that county.  We are glad she attended a private preschool, and enjoyed the celebration.

K's mom was looking forward to a picture of the two friends as Captain America. But K would not pose with SS.  I might have inadvertently killed Halloween at school. I was aware that no weapons would be allowed. Someone told me at the end of the day that masks were banned as well. OOPS, that is why K was not wearing his, and his mom felt the shield was considered a weapon as well. Oops again. We think K had mask, shield and muscle envy.

E dressed as Merda (P could not stop saying it was Mierda, thankfully SS did not repeat that), and K still refused to pose.

Let the cat herding begin. See SS in the back? Still striking a pose.

SS's class making their way to the lower field.


Check out B, the little golfer. This kid is the first metrosexual boy I have encountered. He loves to accessorize, and uses hair products. Cute as heck.

The boys checking out SS's costume. Some of the mothers came over to tell SS how cool it was that she chose to be a super hero, rather than a princess. One mom complained to me that she had to fight to get her daughter not to wear another "boring princess, come and rescue me costume." Her daughter begrudgingly dressed as a witch, and only to match her best friend.

Class picture, SS still rocking the Captain America pose.

The kids were moved twice while in the field.  When they were about to be moved a third time I took this video to send P, to let him know that the parade was about to begin. Once the kids were lined up a third time I noticed the upper grade kids making their way back towards the school. I asked why were they moving away from the parade. Mrs. O, the aide, told be because the parade was over.  What parade? The short video below covered "the parade." WTH.

P in his minimalist costume but ready to trick or treat.

SS was in super hero heaven and would greet her "friends." "Hello Wolverine, Hello Hulk, Hello Iron Man. Do you like my shield?"

SS had a good time and still had plenty of energy when she arrived home. Poor P was past his expiration date. Earlier we had realized that he left SS's backpack and lunch bag at Nana's. There's no way he was going to drive there for them. SS has several backpacks around, and P scored a Lighting McQueen lunch box at the outlets for $2. SS is set until P can retrieve her things.

Skeleton Clip Art-Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead Graphic
¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

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