Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We have a lot to be thankful about, but this is definitely a very low key Thanksgiving. We did not even get to celebrate early with JJ as in previous years, and we are understandably bummed out.  Also, P is working, but he is whistling while he works. After kissing me goodbye this morning he reminded me how much he was making in overtime.  Plus, he will be home in time for dinner. P's job made our move back home possible, and is of course paying for my surgery and my seemingly endless medical appointments. I'm also thankful that SS is transitioning into kindergarten well, although she misses her old friends, school, and of course, her big brother. It would have been too much to add after care to the list of changes our moved entailed. 

Grandpa had a baked ham delivered to our home, the thing is huge. Since there's only the three of us, it seemed a waste to make a turkey as well. We will have the traditional turkey dinner and fixings when JJ visits next month.  SS had a good time watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, with The Amazing Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear floats being her favorites. And the bands, my gosh, our girl loves her marching bands.  Since it's never too early to plan ahead, SS has decided on her costume for next Halloween. She comes up to me every so often telling me what she wants in terms of accessories, and scary factor. She is most definitely P's child, he's passed on the Halloween love to SS.

One thing I miss about our old home is the trees in the front yard, because at this time of the year we would have a beautiful blanket of leaves for SS to play on. One of my favorite pictures of SS was taken on that front yard.  This is my pathetic attempt at recreating that picture.

Of course the thing we are most thankful for is JJ and SS, and the fact that they are both healthy. I'll take one for the team each and every time, as long as my babies are spared. Below is SS four years ago, on her first Thanksgiving home.

And this one is just too good not to repost.

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