Monday, November 19, 2012

Last game of the season.

SS played her last game of the season on Saturday.  P took a few hours off to be there, and SS was a happy camper. We really lucked out with Coach K, he treated the kids so well, and we are thankful that SS's first experience with organized sports was so positive. P also noted that all the parents meshed well, in terms of wanting their kids to have fun, not being obsessed with winning, or urging the kids to be aggressive. The result is not only fond memories, but all the kids want to return. 

Team Dynamo was on fire for that last game. N, the rotund boy who can hardly move scored three goals. SS made contact with the ball a few times, and she got cheers from all the other parents. It was a neat way to end the season. We had not told SS that she was going to receive a trophy, and boy was she surprised and excited. She even pledged to sleep with her trophy. The only reason she didn't was because she slept with us that night, and the heck if I was going to have that trophy poke me all night. 

At the end of the game Coach K's mom approached us to tell us how much she enjoyed watching SS play. She said "SS is the happiest little girl I have ever seen." We thanked her for her kind words, and smiled politely. But we were both thinking, lady come home and try to wake her up before she is ready, or oversee her doing homework. We are certain that she would change her opinion. 

These pictures are now on P's desk at work. He asked me a while ago to get him some pictures and I finally got around to fulfilling his request.

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