Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The littlest voter.

When I posted yesterday I looked for the post from four years ago. No post, and I could not find the picture I knew we took outside the polling place either. We thought we had transferred all of our pictures from the desktop to an external hard drive, since the desktop keeps crashing. That is why P gave me a laptop for my birthday. Turns out that we did not transfer all pictures, and we did not post about election day four years ago. Not surprising since we had been home from China for less than four months.  We were still on that sleep deprived, trying to find our way haze. I was so happy to find the pictures below, and many more from those first months home.  OMG, at twenty months she was still a baby.

The littlest voter getting ready to get her vote on.

Baba, did you get it right? It's my future at stake.

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