Monday, November 05, 2012

She's a clever girl.

Children are like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.  SS is constantly amusing us by the many simple things that stump her, and the more complex tasks that are a breeze to her.  We noticed early on that her Spanish pronunciation was superior to her English pronunciation. Counterintuitive, because English was her primary language.  There will probably be more of a drastic contrast by the end of the school year.

The same child who forgets what she was told a minute earlier, will out of the blue bring up a memory from a few years ago.  Most of the time it takes us a while to recall what she is talking about. There's also her sense of direction, which amazes me.  I manage to get lost even with the help of a GPS. That is just plain shameful. SS remembers directions after visiting a place just once.  She is always telling me where to turn, and as we drive on the freeway, she will tell me what is on a particular exit.

We think her sense of direction is related to her above average spatial orientation. Not bragging here, because we had nothing to do with her gift. It's probably why SS is so interested in building, order, reading and following instructions. It is why Legos are her favorite toy. We love watching her assemble them in record time, while carefully following the instructions of the ones way above her age. P sees math prominently in SS's future, and probably engineering. I would not go as far, it's just too early to tell.  Especially when she starts to hear that rubbish about math and building being for boys. For the time being, I'm just enjoying watching SS being true to herself.

Last Friday SS wore this cute outfit to school.

I gave her a choice between her purple skull head band, and her blue skull clips, both matched her shirt. SS said both, and while mindful of not stagnating her creativity, I did not see how it would work.  Before I could voice my thought, SS picked up a blue clip and clipped it to the headband.

Easy breezy, SS got to wear both, and she did a darn good job.

SS found one of my post Halloween clearance finds and wanted to try it now. I bought Mr. Potato Head parts to use on a pumpkin, like the Snoopy parts I used this year.  The idea was to get them in the Halloween bin to use next year. But SS plead, and we had a pumpkin to be used, so what the heck. I told her we could try it after school, and SS could not wait to come home.

That is when we realized that unlike the Snoopy parts, which had sharp metal to penetrate the pumpkin, these parts were soft plastic. Just like any regular Potato Head part.  I was trying to figure out what to use, when SS said "we need a screwdriver, but not a flat one." Darn, girl was spot on, but I did not know where the tools were, so we waited for P. This afternoon, before P went to run an errand we set out to work on SS's project. P moved the pumpkin to the backyard and set a screwdriver, and body parts next to it. I locked the front door after him, grabbed my camera and water. Before I made my way outside SS said "I'm doing your job Mama." Much to my horror she had started on her own, had the eyes and the mouth in. Ah, what the heck, let her do it on her own. I did make it clear to SS that she is never again to use tools without Mama or Baba.  SS finished her pumpkin and was very proud of her handiwork.

This picture cracks me up, my sweet, innocent child stabbing a pumpkin between the eyes. Wonder if Rockwell ever captured such innocence in one of his works.

Our beautiful, clever girl. Never a dull moment with you SS.

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