Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And now a PSA.

We have not done a public service announcement since we were in China. That's a long time, but we must, if only to warn others. Never, EVER hold an iron set at its higher setting anywhere in the vicinity of a child.  Especially when you are telling said child for the 100th time to get dressed or she will be late for school, and you have no desire whatsoever to deal with the consequences of a late arrival. What is so terrible about those consequences you ask? You walk into the office and your precious bundle of mischief gets a late slip.Then off she goes to her three hours of kinder instruction.

But wait there's more (a shout out from OMG 17 years ago to P), it's really not a big deal to us if SS is a few minutes late. But our daughter has an addiction, playground time (PT). PT seems harmless on the surface, then we were surprised by its hold. Thankfully SS is not the only child addicted to those ten minutes kinder kids are allowed to roam around like free range chickens before the school day begins. It's kid crack at its worse, and when SS does not get her fix she is impossible to stand.

But I digress... There I was  holding a hot iron while asking SS for the umpteenth time to get dressed.  SS can dilly dally like no other, then falls apart when she does not get her full ten minutes of playground crack. And I as gave SS her last warning, talking with my hands as usual, this happened.

P ran his finger under it and stated "that is going to be a nasty scar." Thank you Captain Obvious Sr. (SS is Jr.), it did hurt like a mother trucker, but better me than SS.

We took SS to visit The Beagle Sunday afternoon. It's the first time we have had to wait in line for rides. It was pretty crowded since Soak City was also open. We did not go to the water park because it was not hot enough, and the same breeze we cherished in the park would have made us cold at the water park.

Baba's turn to do the balloon ride.

SS wants the doghouse and the dog, but had to settle for a picture.  

It was the first time all three of us wore Snoopy shirts to the park, so we had to mark the occasion with a picture.  SS scored Snoopy sandals and a Snoopy hat at this store. We are getting her ready for summer camp.

Waiting for her turn on the bumper cars. SS is so excited to be allowed to ride on a big people ride that she has not made a fuss about not being able to drive.

P and I are not competitive by nature, except when it comes to each other. You'd think it would be a non issue after seventeen years together. We just can't help ourselves, whether it is Words with Friends or something as simple as bumper cars. I'm incredibly proud of myself for setting that competitive spirit aside for SS's sake. I allowed P to bump into my car, and that set off SS's very loud, contagious laughter.

Six years old and she still won't get on a moving animal on the Merry go Round.

Saying goodbye to her reindeer friend.

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