Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lunch at Baba's work.

SS visited P's work for the first time today, and it really lifted her spirits. She spent a lot of time at P's previous lab, but that was a family owned business with less than fifty employees. SS really misses her Baba's previous lab, although P does not miss the pay and working conditions. On Saturdays things are more relaxed, and the guys occasionally bring food or cook at the plant. Today one of the guys brought carne asada and hot dogs, and they had the grill going.  The carne asada was delicious, we had a great lunch. SS was able to see where her Baba toils away, and of course she was excited about seeing her mug all over Baba's desk area.

When I told SS it was time to get ready to go visit Baba she asked me, "Do they at least have a puppy?" I had no idea where that came from but was certain that there are no puppies at P's work. SS then asked me if they had any kind of pets. Nope, had never been there but sure there were no pets.  P clarified the pet talk. I had forgotten that there was a turtle at his former lab, and since once SS sees or does something it becomes the norm, of course she expected to find a pet at his new lab. 

Look, it's me!

I love Baba this much.

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