Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yearbook pictures.

SS's yearbook arrived Thursday, and by the time we arrived at the open house we had not had the opportunity to take a look.  It was just one of those days, on the go from morning to late afternoon. At the open house one of the moms asked me "about all those pictures of SS on the yearbook." We had no idea what she was talking about.  How many could there be, the book was rather thin, not that and there were six grades to cover. Once we got home we realized why the mom said that.

We sometimes call SS arroz blanco (white rice), a term used in Puerto Rico for someone who just seems to be everywhere, an ubiquitous creature. Pick a home at random, and you will find white rice. Our girl certainly lived up to her nickname, and we hope this is not a sign of things to come. P and I also ended up in the yearbook, and while I was initially not happy; at least it shows I was there for SS. 

There's SS on the first row of portraits, second from the right.  Then on the lower left, along with her classmates. It took me a while to find her because she was wearing a black sky cap (with a cute S on it). And there she is on the lower right side with her teacher doing we do not know what. The teacher does not recall, but informed us that the pictures in a bluish hue were taken by the students who were part of the yearbook staff.  They would just go around the school snapping pictures.

In this one she is with her classmates posing with their 100 Days of School projects. Then you can see her Buzz Lightyear fleece blanket in the middle, during the viewing of The Polar Express. 

 SS managed to get her mug four times in the Science and Engineering Club page. I love the one when she is trying to blow her paper rocket to hit the target.

On the Around Campus page SS is on the lower left with the kids who dressed up on Super Hero Day (she is Batman).

On the Friday Flag page SS is on the middle right, after receiving her certificate for self control.

But they saved the best for last the Father and Daughter dance, and the only event I had not attended (I did consider crashing).  SS is at the bottom right dancing with H, a classmate.  At the top there's a picture of SS dancing with her Baba, and it got me teary eyed. P did not know the picture was taken and was very touched.  He asked me to buy another yearbook. When I asked why he explained that SS will eventually take hers when she moves out and on, and he wants his copy to always look back on that day.

The quality sucks but I wanted to isolate the picture of such a beautiful moment. Love SS's tiny fingers interlaced with P's. I found out yesterday that SS's teacher took the picture, and she is going to see if it is still in her computer. We would really love to have the full size picture. As you can see our tiny arroz blanco certainly manages to get around.

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