Friday, May 17, 2013

Open house.

Yesterday we attended SS's school's open house. We were excited to see what the heck has been going on in that cult she joined last August.  Much to our disappointment the Grand Thetan did not make an appearance. However, that does not mean he was not there, right? Maybe he was watching things unfold from behind the scenes. Or he could be busy shooting his latest movie. P had not been in the classroom since the quick look we got during orientation. He was surprised by how small it was given the number of children. Our kids have the smallest kinder classroom, and the only one without a bathroom. No wonder SS says she won't use the bathroom at school. It's scary to go alone (yes, they are sent alone, no buddy system) into such a large bathroom. At least this nightmare school year is almost over. SS proudly showed us around her classroom, and showed us some of her work.

Remember this guy? First thing we saw upon entering was SS's 100 Days of School project, and it came home with us. 

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