Saturday, May 04, 2013

May the sugar rush be with you.

It’s been a good week, first a romantic seafood dinner courtesy of Grandpa, and tonight we get to go on a date courtesy of the grandmothers.  Thankfully SS has not behaved like she does at home and is welcomed back. She is so excited about spending an evening with them that yesterday she told me what she wanted to wear. I was not sure about her choice, but P said it would be OK. Bravely said by the man who is sending me solo to deliver our daughter.  But SS actually had a reasonable explanation about her choice of attire.  I know, weird for a six year old, but if true, she has a convincing argument.

Initially P thought we should go out to dinner. He asked me to think of a place where we would not go because of SS. There’s a problem with that, because we have yet to refrain from dining in a restaurant because of SS. When you can take your two year old to an Indian restaurant or a sushi restaurant without any concerns about what she can eat, you can pretty much eat anywhere.  We are going to try a comedy club. It was our original plan when we had our first date night here. But we made the mistake of going out to dinner first. We were so tired that our date night was us going to bed early. Whatever happened to living la vida loca? We are grateful for the opportunity to have alone time which was non-existent prior to our move. 

SS is still in her Star Wars phase and loving every second. Grandpa gave her the original trilogy, an awesome special edition DVD set with an extra DVD with special features for her birthday. SS has yet to watch the special features DVD because she just watches the trilogy every chance she gets. She is starting to get the dialogue down. Scary since she is only allowed to indulge Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon.  SS still does not get that Luke, Princess Leia and Hans Solo are the stars of the movies. For her it is all about Darth Vader, those three are merely in the background of his greatness. We are concerned about the quality of her dates in the future. On the other hand, we get such a kick out of her (in the words of her preschool teachers) “I like what I like” attitude.  Keep it up SS we are behind you all the way.

This is a very frequent sight at home, SS watching her beloved trilogy while holding her red, as in Darth Vader's light saber.  She has been asking for a Darth Vader costume for a while now.

SS got these Star Wars miniatures for Christmas. She brings them downstairs when she is watching her movies and lines them up. This time on the couch, but sometimes on the TV stand, the floor, around Hulk, the kitchen counter...

Grandpa surprised SS with two sets of Star Wars cookie cutters. SS was excited when she saw them, I was excited as well until my atrophied brain kicked in. Cutters, we, actually me had to make cookies. Worse, no excuse because I have my handy mixer. Oh what the heck, I'm no baker but we can do this.

 P is a chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie person.  I'm a sugar or oatmeal raisin cookie person. JJ takes after P, and so does SS. But luckily for me sugar cookies are better suited for our purpose. Score!

Of course she chose the Darth Vader cookie.

Just because she digs him does not mean she has any qualms taking a bite out of him.

Another gift from Grandpa. SS was SO excited when she realized it was Star Wars related, then looked at me and said "I don't get it." I had to explain what was humorous about pugs dressed up. SS immediately commented that the Darth Vader pug was her favorite. No surprise there since she thinks Darth Vader is a super hero, she thinks he is the coolest and worships him. I tried to explain that 99.9% of the population considers him a villain without success. After all, what do I know?

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