Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beating the heat.

We always welcome summer time, waterpark time, amusement park time, and now Dragon Boat practice. Last year SS began to complain about the heat as though she had never experienced 117 degrees F before. On Sunday she began to complain about the heat barely twenty minutes after we arrived at Knott's. And it wasn't even hot, just around 80. It usually takes more than that to kick in SS's whiny mode.  Then I realized that it was SS's first time in the park withtou her stroller, the mighty Hummer. She never had to be directly under the sun. Not using the stroller was intentional, in order to get SS tired. One of the reasons SS can remain at the park all day if allowed is that she does not walk anywhere.  P and I are crisscrossing the park, while Her Highness is pushed around in comfort.  We decided Sunday that we would stay only for as long as SS could walk on her own. 

As much as we love summer and the fun things it brings, we are not fans of cooking when it is so hot. On Saturday we started our beat the heat cooking binge of summer.  The idea is to cook ahead then reheat for most of our dinners. P is going to do a lot of grilling as well, and that will help so much. 

Our dueling crockpots made enough spaghetti sauce to get us through two months.  P has an aversion to store bought sauce unless we are in a pinch.

While the crockpots were simmering I had the time to make a large pot of pasta with carbonara sauce. SS really loves this dish, bacon and noodles are her thing.

Two days ago we added picadillo to our freezer. 

Our summer girl this morning sporting a very summery look. I'm working on getting SS to keep her hat on when outside. This is going to be vital now that she is going to spend so much time outdoors without our supervision.

On the last day of school (June 5) the kinder kids are going to have a promotion ceremony. SS missed her preschool graduation last year because we moved a month before it took place. We are glad that she gets to have that experience in kindergarten. It's difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that our baby is graduating from kindergarten.

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